The Inter-University Center for Terrorism Studies conducts another special edition of its Ambassadors’ Forum. The program, “Global COVID-19 and Sports: Threats and Responses” focuses on medical, policy and legal consideration of organizing sporting events, in a time of COVID. The program addresses timely and universal perspectives on the commencement of sporting activities as well as any large public event.


Inter-University Center for Terrorism Studies 
Inter-University Center for Legal Studies at the International Law Institute
Center for Security Law, Univeristy of Vireginia Law School



OPENING REMARKS:  Prof. Don Wallace Chairman - International Law Institute
MODERATOR: Prof. Yonah Alexander Director - Inter-University Center for Terrorism Studies
Senior Fellow - Potomac Institute for Policy Studies
PANELISTS: Prof. Rita Colwell Distinguished Professor - University of Maryland,
College Park and Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health
  Dr. Richard Reff MD- Orthopedic Surgeon and Sports Medicine Specialist
Advisor - US Olympics Committee
Carl Francis Director of Communications - National Football League Players Association
Chalana Damron Counsel - Crowell & Moring, LLP Washington, DC Office, [BIO & CONTACT
Thomas Gies Partner - Crowell & Morning, LLP Washington, DC Office, [BIO & CONTACT]
Kristof Roox  Partner - Crowell & Morning, LLP Brussels Office, [BIO & CONTACT]
COMMENTATORS: Ambassador Charles Ray (Ret.)     Former U.S. Ambassador to Cambodia and Zimbabwe
  Ambassador Pjer Simunovic Ambassador - Embassy of Croatia
Held the Presidency fo the Council of the European Union from January to June 2020

Progam administered by Mythili Kotagiri, Gouregn Karapetyan, Robert Sargin