ILI is happy to support the continued academic works of the Inter-University Center for Terrorism Studies [ICTS], and their Ambassador Forum series on COVID-19.

ICTS recently completed the conference "Global COVID-19 and Sports: Threats and Responses".

Video of that conference can be found here:

In addition to the conference and video, a forthcoming manuscript of all speakers’ contributions supplemented by additional commentary and materials will be offered shortly.

An excerpt from this manuscript has been specially selected for individual release, due to its timeliness and its focus on multi-jurisdictional legal perspectives of the re-introduction of sports and large public events in context of COVID -19. 

The below monograph “Global COVID-19 and Sports: Exposure Claims and Liability Considerations” represents an updated version of recorded presentations made by members of the international law firm of Crowell & Moring LLP, who participated as invited contributors of the original conference.

We invite you to download a copy of this important monogrpah HERE

Specific to this monograph, special acknowledgements are extended to editors, Professor Yonah Alexander, Director of the Inter-University Center for Terrorism Studies; Professor Don Wallace, Jr, Chairman of the International Law Institute; members of the law firm of Crowell Morning, LLP: Chalana Damron, Counsel [Washington, DC office]; Thomas Geis, Partner [Washington, DC office]; Kristof Roox, Co-Managing Partner [Brussels office]; and Laurence Winston, Partner [London office]   

Thank you for your interest in this important and global issue.

[Please Note: The contents of this monograph are not intended to serve as legal advice related to any individual situation. This material is made available by the contributors at Crowell & Moring LLP for information purposes only.  Editors and contributors cannot be held responsible for any errors and consequences arising from the use of the information contained in this publication. Also, the views expressed do not necessarily reflect those of the academic institutions associated with this Monograph.]

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