The objective of the ILI International Investment Law Center (IILC) is to provide training and technical assistance relating to international investment treaties and Investor-State arbitration. IILC is active in analyzing the latest developments in the field by arranging conferences and panel discussions.

Today, investment treaties dominate the international regulatory framework governing cross-border flows of FDI and portfolio investments. According to recent statistics, a large percentage of countries around the world are parties to as many as 3000 bilateral investment treaties (BITs) and free trade agreements containing investment chapters. These treaties provide international law protections and remedies to foreign investors and their investments.

These instruments grant foreign investors the right to directly initiate arbitral proceedings against host states (including various government agencies and sometimes state-owned enterprises) for violation of the treaty standards and protections. Foreign investors increasingly invoke these treaty obligations, as such there is an increasing number of disputes between foreign investors and host governments.

The IILC's provides training to government officials and other interested individuals on current trends, changes in law and practical issues relating to negotiation of investment treaties. The IILC trains government representatives on strategies and procedure to defend themselves in arbitral claims.

ILI has developed curriculum "International Investment Treaties and Investor-State Arbitration" and "Fundamentals of Investor-State Arbitration" specifically on this subject matter.

Faculty includes professors, private practitioners, former treaty negotiators and arbitrators from various universities and major international law firms. These experts each have hands-on experience in negotiating investment treaties and handling Investor-State arbitration cases.

The IILC also designs tailor-made programs for interested entities. In 2008, ILI designed and organized a two-week program for investment treaty negotiators from the APEC economies on International Investment Agreements and Investor- State Dispute Settlements, which was conducted in Singapore and Washington, DC.

IILC through ILI has trained lawyers, judges, policy makers, negotiators, economists, and individuals from the private sector and international organizations.




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