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ILI and CTIL High Level Training and Investment Program for India, January 2019

The International Law Institute (ILI), in collaboration with the Centre for Trade and Investment Law (CTIL), Indian Institute of Foreign Trade, Ministry of Commerce and Industry, held a comprehensive and high level conference on Trade and Investment designed for diverse representatives from the Ministry of Commerce of and Industry of India who are charged with advancing sustainable opportunities for India in a time of extraordinary shifts in trade and investment policies and procedures globally.

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Investment Arbitration & Trans-Pacific Transactions Conference, May 2018

The International Law Institute (ILI) sponsored the Investment Arbitration & Trans-Pacific Transactions Conference organized by the American Bar Association's Section of International Law in Singapore in May 2018. The primary focus of the conference was the experience of States in the prevention of investment treaty disputes, and the improvement of State readiness for investment treaty claims. Leading international and regional arbitral institutions, various governments from the Asia-Pacific region and from outside the region, and leading scholars and practitioners will be involved in the conference. The conference had a number of panel sessions on Thursday 10 May 2018. Then on Friday 11 May 2018 a working group on defense and prevention of investment disputes was be launched, and there was a series of workshops at which participants discussed the development of best practice "defense models" for States in investment arbitration. The working group initiated the development of guidelines on (i) how States can best prepare for investment claims, and (ii) how States and investors can best prevent investment disputes. On the second day there was also a separate stream of panel sessions on transpacific transactions, regulation on foreign direct investment and intellectual property rights.

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Conference on Natural Resources and the Law of the Sea, December 2015

The program, organized by the International Law Institute (ILI) and Georgetown University Law Center, covered timely and important issues such as: principles of allocation of resources in areas under national jurisdiction; the exploration and exploitation of resources in areas under national jurisdiction, and; natural resources and biodiversity beyond national jurisdiction. Lawrence Martin and Dr. Constantinos Salonidis of Foley Hoag together with a team from the ILI and Georgetown University Law Center (Don Wallace Jr., Charles Verrill Jr., Anne-Marie Whitesell, Ian Laird, and Borzu Sabahi) organized the program. The ILI published the papers presented in the conference together with the transcript of the panel discussions in a volume as part of the International Law Institute's Series on International Law, Practice, and Arbitration (Juris Publishing).

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International Conference on Interim Measures in International Arbitration, April 2014

The International Law Institute’s International Investment Law Center (IILC) was pleased to host a Conference on Interim Measures Available in International Arbitration, which took place on April 24, 2014. Featuring a keynote speech by Yu Jianlong, Secretary General of the China International Economic and Trade Commission (CIETAC), the Conference presented 16 other speakers who are experts in the field. Highlights included remarks by Johan Gernandt, of the Arbitration Institute of the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce; Professor Joongi Kim, of Yonsei Law School in Korea; Anne-Marie Whitesell, of Dechert LLP; Anthony Connerty, of the IDR Group; Claudia Frutos-Peterson, of Cutis Mallet Prevost Colt & Mosle, as well as many other distinguished practitioners and authorities in the field. Topics of discussion included “The Power of Arbitral Panels to Order Interim Relief”; “National Court Powers to Order Interim Measures”; “Emergency Relief in International Arbitration”; and “Interim Relief in Investment Treaty Arbitration.” The International Investment Law Center of the ILI provides training and technical assistance relating to international investment treaties and investor-state arbitration. Co-directed by Ian Laird and Borzu Sabahi, the Investment Law Center arranges conferences and panel discussions analyzing the latest developments in the field. The Investment Law Center likewise trains government representatives on strategies and procedures to enhance their cases before international arbitral tribunals. The ILI prepared a Conference Book, containing a transcript of the Conference proceedings, and papers on various aspects of interim measures in international arbitration prepared by each of the 17 speakers, to be published during the summer. Those interested in obtaining a copy should contact Bill Mays, Publications Director, at ILI.

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