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ILI 2016 Programs Announcement


Dear Colleague:

These are unprecedented and trying times.

We are all going through shock as we struggle to find stability and the 'new' normal.

The world is going through different stages of COVID-19. Some countries have gone through the worst of it and see the number of cases declining; some countries are summiting to the peak and trying to find ways to control the outbreak; while other countries are discovering this new invader on their shores. Where ever we find ourselves in this spectrum, we have to believe that together we will get through this. No matter how overwhelming it can sometimes feel, we will get through this.

In consideration of the need for social distancing and safety, and for COVID-19 to go through several cycles to get under control, ILI has decided to postpone our courses and will restart delivering training in June.

I found myself teaching an ILI on-line course last week as the United States was going through its peak shock of COVID-19. I realized that I needed to teach that course, I needed the connectivity and interaction with the participant as much as they needed me. For the two hours a day that we got to spend on-line together discussing a subject, we felt 'normal' and productive, and the problems of the world stayed at bay.

While we cannot be with you in person for the next few months, ILI will develop a series of podcasts, webinars, and videoconferences that we will make available to you, our ILI alumni and friends. These podcasts and webinars will be made available on a complimentary basis as a service to you. While these are trying times, we think that it is important for all of us to take some time for learning and professional development, and yes for that time we have together to feel normal, productive and growing in knowledge.

We know that walls, borders, and oceans separate us now; but we are excited for the day that we can welcome you back to the ILI.

Until then we wish you and your family peace and good health .

Yours Truly,

Chairman's Signature

Kim C. Phan
Executive Director





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