6    5

 Yonah Alexander highlights regional conflicts and the limited reach and enforcement of international standards of law


The International Law Institute recently hosted a forum sponsored and originated by the Inter-University Center for Terrorism Studies; the International Center for Terrorism Studies, at the Potomac Institute for Policy Studies; the Inter- University Center for Legal Studies; and the Center for National Security Law, at the University of Virginia Law School.

The conference titled "The Fog of War: Is the Rule of Law Still Relevant?" 

The forum tests conventional relevance of the intenational rule of law in light of the latest armed and social hostilities in the Ukraine, Syria, Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, Gaza, and elsewhere. Discussion focused on current sources of law and their enforcement systems to serve the causes of stability, peace, and justice.

Speaking at the seminar was Professor Don Wallace, Jr., Chairman - International Law Institute; Professor Yonah Alexander Director - Inter-University Center for Terrorism Studies; Professor David Koplow, Former Special Counsel for Arms Control - General Counsel of the Department of Defense; Professor Nicholas Rostow, Former Legal Adviser - National Security Council; Issam Michael Saliba, Senior Foreign Law Specialist for the Middle East and North Africa – Law Library of Congress; Professor Anthony Clark Arend, Former co-director of the Institute for International Law & Politics; Professor Kenneth Anderson, Professor of Law – American University Washington College of Law; and General (ret.) Alfred Gray, Twenty-Ninth Commandant of the United States Marine Corps.

Additional information on this subject and speakers may be found at the Potomac Institute: http://www.potomacinstitute.org/ 

China Post 1
Mr. Li Ming, Deputy General Manager - China Post, Prof. Don Wallace Jr, Chairman of ILI (center) stand with China Post Delegation


The International Law Institute was pleased to host a delegation from the China Post Group in conferences on Postal Service Operational Systems Development in the Age of Big Data.

China Post Group is the official postal service of the People's Republic of China.  China Post also provides full-function commercial banking and comprehensive financial services throughout China.

The delegation was led by Mr. Li Ming, Deputy General Manager, Level II Enterprise Development Department, China Post Group. Accompanying Mr. Li here were Mr. Hu Hong, Manager- Marketing & Sales Department, China Post Group; Mr. Shi Ming, Manager-Marketing & Sales Department, China Post Group; Mr. Qu Lei Da, Manager- Marketing & Sales Department, China Post Group; Mr. Han Qing, Manager- Enterprise Development Department, China Post Group; Mr. Jiang Xuefeng, Deputy Manager- Enterprise Development Department, China Post Group; Mr. Liu Huiting, Business Manager- Human Resources Department, China Post Group; Mr. Zhang Bailong, Director-Information & Technology Department, China Post Group; Ms. Shi Yun, Deputy Director-Information & Technology Department, China Post Group; Ms. Li Fengmin, Deputy Director- Information & Technology Department, China Post Group; Mr. Zhou Yinjia, Deputy Director- Information & Technology Department, China Post Group; Ms. Diao Xiaochun, Engineer-Information & Technology Department, China Post Group; Mr. Yu Lei, Assistant Engineer- Information & Technology Department, China Post Group; Ms. Wang Xiaojie, Manager- Marketing Department, Beijing Postal Company; Mr. Yang Songhui, Director General-Information & Technology Bureau, China Post Group; Ms. Yang Shaofeng, Director General- Information & Technology Bureau, Fujian Provincial Post Company; Mr. Jiang Wenjun, Director- Electronic Commerce Bureau, Henan Provincial Post Company; Mr. Chen Xudong, Manager- Enterprise Development Department, Hubei Provincial Post Company; Mr. Cai Hexi, Deputy Director General - Information& Technology Bureau, Guangdong Provincial Post Company and Mr. Jin Weiping, Vice Dean-Shanghai Research Institute, China Post group.

The training focused on Big Data Application and Management; American Enterprise's Response to Big Data; Application of Big Data Technology in Postal Enterprises; Big Data Improvements in Decision Making for Management and Government. Training partners and conference providers during this program included Stony Brook University of New York; Goldman Sachs Group - NY; Deloitte Consulting; US Postal Service Headquarters - DC and speakers from the Brookings Institute.


China Post 2
Darrell West lectures on big data usage at the macro government level


ILI would like to thank representatives from Deloitte Consulting; Mr. John Medel and his colleagues from Goldman Sachs - NYC; Ms. Modi Delgado the the executives from U.S. Postal Service; and Mr. Darrell M. West from Brookings Institute for thier special support and technical expertise in this program.

ILI would also like to thank ILI Associates Ms. Hu Qing, Ms. Wang Qian and Ms. Zou Yingjun for their significant contribution to the formation and success of this program.  The training was co-hosted by Robert Sargin, International Law Institute and Stony Brook University. ILI also wishes to extend special appreciation to Ms. Fang Lijuan from Beijing Fulunda Information Consulting Company for her administration of this conference series.

In commemoration of his long and distinguished careers as a Professor of Law at Georgetown University Law Center; as Chairman of the International Law Institute; as the U.S. Delegate to the United Nations Commission on International Trade Law (UNCITRAL); Legal Adviser to the United States Agency for International Development (USAID); President of the American Bar Association Section on International Law; Presiding officer of International Institute for the Unification of Private Law Foundation (UNIDROIT); and Of Counsel to a number of prominent international law firms including Winston & Strawn LLP, Morgan Lewis LLP, Arnold & Porter LLP, and Shearman & Sterling LLP. among others, Georgetown University Law Center will host a reception to honor Prof. Wallace and shall dedicate to him the publication of a Festschrift entitled "A Revolution in the International Rule of Law: Essays in Honor of Professor Don Wallace Jr."      (Sabahi, Birch, Laird, Rivas eds., Juris Publishing 2014).

Friends, colleagues and interested parties are welcome to join in this very special occasion.


Professor Don Wallace, Jr.

D Wallace Jr


Please join us on:

November 4, 2014
5:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m.

Georgetown University Law Center Eric E. Hotung International Law Building
Hotung Dining Room 550 First Street, NW Washington, DC

Please click here to RSVP by October 28th


The Festschrift may be purchased on Juris Publishing website at: http://www.jurispub.com/cart.php?m=product_detail&p=17099



 Ugandan Justices

Members of the Delegation of Ugandan Supreme Court and Court of Appeal Justices


A visiting delegation of justices from the Ugandan Supreme Court and Court of Appeal participated in a study tour on Comparative Appellate Justice Systems coordinated by the ILI's affiliate office in Uganda, the ILI-African Centre for Legal Excellence, during the week of August 18, 2014. The ten justices -- Esther Kisaakye Kitimbo, Galdino Okello, J. W. N. Tsekooko, Stella Arach Amoko, Augustine Nshimye, Rubby Aweri Opio, Eldad Mwangusya, Faith E. Mwondha, Kenneth Kakuru, and Lilian Tibatemwa Ekirikubinza -- joined U.S. 6th Circuit Court of Appeals Judge Bernice Donald and Michigan Court of Appeals Judge Cynthia Stephens for a workshop focused on best practices in judicial administration, case management, judicial writing, and the use of technology. The delegation also met with officials at the US Supreme Court and the District of Columbia Court of Appeals.  

Ugandan Ambassador to the United States Oliver Wonekha greeted the delegation at a closing reception held at the ILI’s office in Georgetown on August 21, 2014. This was the second in a series of interactive and hands-on capacity-building workshops for Ugandan justices coordinated by ILI-ACLE with the aim of promoting more efficient and effective judicial appellate processes. The outgoing Ugandan Supreme Court Justice Benjamin Odoki led the previous delegation, which included several other Supreme Court and Court of Appeal justices. The President of the Uganda Law Society Ruth Sebatindira and other judiciary officials also participated in the Washington study tours.  




Heidelberg-2014-P1080519-sm  Heidelberg-2014-P1080485-sm Heidelberg-2014-P1080479-sm




On May 16, the International Law Institute and the Heidelberg University Law Faculty co-sponsored the Heinrich Kronstein Symposium in Heidelberg, Germany, on Antitrust Law in Global Contexts.

The symposium brought together German and American law professors, attorneys and government officials, including from the German Federal Cartel Office (Bundeskartellamt).  Several  Kronstein Fellows from Germany and Switzerland also participated.  ILI Chairman Don Wallace joined Prof. Peter Mueller-Graff of Heidelberg University in presiding over the conference, which highlighted the influence of Prof. Heinrich Kronstein, the founder of ILI, on the development of antitrust law in German and Europe.

A number of panelists highlighted Prof. Kronstein’s groundbreaking research and influence in breaking up German cartels and promoting  fair competition.  Kronstein’s ideas formed the basis for linking important democratic values with the protection of competition in Germany after World War II.  

The symposium also focused on the increasing importance of the role of antitrust and competition law in developing countries today.  Some 130 countries around the world, it was pointed out, have now enacted competition laws (up from 20 in 1990), and many, such as China, have established government authorities that are beginning to take a more active role in implementing national competition laws.

In addition to the symposium, members worked to consider scholarships, joint training program and international exchanges to advance the rule of law in developing countries and emerging economies in commemoration of Heinrich Kronstein's lifelong initiatives.



International Law Institute, Fostering Prosperity Through the Rule of Law
The International Law Institute and the Asian Development Bank NARO Office Presents:

June 11, 2014


Robert M. Orr
U.S. Ambassador
Asian Development Bank

On June 11, 2014, US Ambassador Robert M. Orr delivered remarks at the International Law Institute (ILI) in Washington, DC on U.S. engagement with Asia through the Asian Development Bank (ADB). This special event was co-sponsored by ILI and ADB’s North American Regional Office.

The Asia-Pacific region is home to over half the world’s population and is the fastest growing region in the world. But while much of Asia is experiencing robust economic growth, the region faces key development challenges, including rapid urban population growth, large pockets of poverty, food insecurity, environmental degradation, corruption and fragile institutions of governance.

The ADB is playing a critical role in efforts to address these challenges. The United States has contributed more than $25 billion in overall capital subscription to the ADB since joining in 1966. During his recent visit to Asia, President Barack Obama expressed support for “broader and more inclusive development and prosperity” in the Asia Pacific. U.S. development policy in Asia has focused on a range of issues including: health, education, infrastructure, rule of law, good governance and expanding trade and investment opportunities.

Speaker’s Bio: Prior to becoming U.S. Ambassador to ADB, Ambassador Robert Orr served as President of Boeing Japan and Vice President and Director of European Affairs for Motorola SA/NV. Ambassador Orr was also Director & Associate Professor at the Institute of Pacific Rim Studies at Temple University of Japan, and Director & Visiting Associate Professor at the Stanford University Japan Center. Earlier in his career, Ambassador Orr served as a Special Assistant for Asia at the US Agency for International Development and as a staff member with the US House of Representatives Subcommittee on Asia and Pacific Affairs.

Ambassador Orr completed his Ph.D. from the University of Tokyo, and has Master’s Degree from Georgetown University and a Bachelor’s Degree from Florida Atlantic University. His book, "The Emergence of Japan's Foreign Aid Power" published by Columbia University Press, won the 1991 Ohira Prize for best book on the Asia Pacific.

DSC 0014 Interim Measures Conference  DSC 0029
DSC 0027e DSC 0046 2



The International Law Institute’s International Investment Law Center (IILC) was pleased to host a Conference on Interim Measures Available in International Arbitration, which took place on April 24, 2014.

Featuring a keynote speech by Yu Jianlong, Secretary General of the China International Economic and Trade Commission (CIETAC), the Conference presented 16 other speakers who are experts in the field. Highlights included remarks by Johan Gernandt, of the Arbitration Institute of the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce; Professor Joongi Kim, of Yonsei Law School in Korea; Anne-Marie Whitesell, of Dechert LLP; Anthony Connerty, of the IDR Group; Claudia Frutos-Peterson, of Cutis Mallet Prevost Colt & Mosle, as well as many other distinguished practitioners and authorities in the field.

Topics of discussion included “The Power of Arbitral Panels to Order Interim Relief”; “National Court Powers to Order Interim Measures”; “Emergency Relief in International Arbitration”; and “Interim Relief in Investment Treaty Arbitration.”

The International Investment Law Center of the ILI provides training and technical assistance relating to international investment treaties and investor-state arbitration. Co-directed by Ian Laird and Borzu Sabahi, the Investment Law Center arranges conferences and panel discussions analyzing the latest developments in the field. The Investment Law Center likewise trains government representatives on strategies and procedures to enhance their cases before international arbitral tribunals.

The ILI will prepare a Conference Book, containing a transcript of the Conference proceedings, and papers on various aspects of interim measures in international arbitration prepared by each of the 17 speakers, to be published during the summer. Those interested in obtaining a copy should contact Bill Mays, Publications Director, at ILI.




Members of the Delegation from Nigerian Senate Committee on Constitution Reform


On April 28 – 30, the International Law Institute hosted the Nigerian Senate Committee on Constitution Reform for a special seminar on the US election system.  The delegation included Senators Philip Tanimu Aduda, Heineken Lokpobiri, Ahmed Makarfi, Margery Chuba-Okadigbo, and Oluremi Tinubu, as well as committee clerk Innocent Mebiri and Prof. Ignatius Ayua.  The Senate Committee is considering reforms to the Nigerian election law in advance of the upcoming presidential and parliamentary vote in February 2015.   

Under the direction of its Executive Director Kim Phan, ILI arranged for meetings with the US Senate Committee on Rules, which has jurisdiction over federal election laws, as well as with Lee Goodman, Chairman of the Federal Election Commission, which oversees US campaign finance regulations.  In addition, ILI organized a visit to Annapolis for meetings with Maryland state election officials, to provide a fuller picture of election administration at the local level.  

The customized seminar also featured several speakers and sessions providing an overview of the US electoral system, technology and elections, campaign finance, and election fraud and dispute resolution.  

The visit is part of an ongoing and deep-seated relationship between the Nigerian government and the International Law Institute.  In addition to previous workshops for the Nigerian Senate,  ILI projects have included training in judicial administration for members of the Nigerian Supreme Court and Federal High Court, legislative drafting seminars for the National Institute of Legislative Studies (a part of the Nigerian National Assembly) and the Lagos State House of Assembly, and a public-private partnerships (PPP) training seminar for Nigerian government and private sector participants.


Chengdu Lawyers
Charles Verrill discusses special provisions of international commerical arbitration with
Mr. Xiao Dengguo and his colleagues.



International Law Institute was honored to host a meeting with lawyers from the Chengdu legal community.

The meeting was established to explore the opportunity of establishing training programs between ILI and the Chengdu Lawyers Association, Chengdu Arbitration Committee and the Yingke Law Firm. Yingke Law Firm is one of the largest law firms throughout Asia, with offices worldwide.  The delegation was led by Mr. Xiao Dengguo, Deputy Director of Foreign Legal Affairs Commission of Chengdu Bar, Arbitrator of Chengdu Arbitration Commission; Partner of Yingke Law Firm and head of the International Law section. Accompanied by Ms. Xiao Yue, attorney at Yingke Law Firm; Ms. Hu Xingyu, General Manager of Guangzhou Optima Biology Ltd; Ms. Wang Chunyan, Partner of Sichuan Guyu Law Firm; and His Honorable Judge Li Wentao.

The esteemed delegation and ILI will focus on means by which we can prioritize mutual needs and competencies; professional and training exchanges; and customizing programs specific to the needs of Chengdu legal community.

On behalf of ILI were Mr. Charles Verrill, Jr., Esq., ILI President; Mr. Robert Sargin, ILI Deputy Director; Ms. Zhang Xi and Mr. Gou Rongfei, ILI Associates.

DSC 2536
Shandong Lawyers at US Department of State
(For additional State Department photos see "Reception to Honor the Kingdom of Denmark" page.



The International Law Institute is once again proud to have hosted our third delegation of senior lawyers, law firm partners and legal experts from from Shandong Province, China as participants in ILI's International Trade and Economic Integration program.  This 3.5-month program was specially designed by the ILI and the Department of Human Resources and Social Security of Shandong Province.  Training included studies on the US legal system;  International Trade Law and the application of WTO procedures; International Investment Agreements and State Dispute Arbitration, Commercial Arbitration and Mediation; Investment Procedures in the US; as well as internships in Washington, DC law firms.


IMG 3839 1 photo2

International Arbitration training with Anne
Marie White 
Whitesell, ILI Director of ILI's
Center for Alternative
Dispute Resolution
(former Sec. General of the ICC

International Court of Arbitration)

Delegation is guest lectured by Mr. Li Guogang
- Director of Anti-Dumping Investigation from
Ministry of Commerce, China
Attending lectures on Defending Anti-Dumping
- Market and Non Market Economies
at Akin Gump, LLC


Participating in this program were  Mr. Li Chuanfeng (Lawyer, Shandong Qilu Law Firm) head of the delegation along with Ms. Du Huaying (Lawyer, Shandong Bohanyuan Law Firm), Mr. Zhang Yi (Director, Shandong You Hua Law Firm), Mr. Cui Chuanzong (Lawyer, Dacheng Law Offices, LLP - Qingdao), Mr. Wang Yan (Partner, Shandong Zhongcheng Renhe Lawyer Firm), Ms. Zhang Wang (Partner, Director of IP, Shandong Chenggong Law Firm), Mr. Wang Yehua (Lawyer, Shandong Zhongchengrenhe Law Firm), Mr. Wang Hao (Lawyer, Shan Dong Hua Lin Law Firm), Ms. Ding Tingting (Lawyer, Shandong Kangqiao (Linyi) Law Firm), Mr. Cui Yutong (Shandong Kangqiao Law Firm - Qingdao), Mr. Zhao Cunshou (Deputy Director, Shandong Kaien Law Firm), Ms. Wang Jinlei (Partner, Deheng Law Firm - Qingdao High-Tech Zone Office), Ms. Sun Pingping (Lawyer, Shandong Dadiren Law Firm), Mr. Wang Xingfu (Lawyer, Shandong Luquan Law Firm), Mr. Yang Kai (Partner, Shan Dong Hero Law Firm), Mr. Li Yuan(Partner, Shandong Deyijunda Law Firm), Ms. Cui Baoling (Lawyer, Shandong Jinhairui Lawyer Firm), Ms. Zhang Yan (Lawyer, Shandong Yuanding Law Firm), Ms. Wang Yajuan (Lawyer, Shandong Huiyan Law Firm), and Mr. Shang Jie (Lawyer, Shandong Yajuan Law Firm).


IMG 4026 DSC 0038 U.S. - China Trade relations 1
Shandong Lawyers meeting with US Dept of
International Trade Administration
 Attending meetings at the World Bank Conference on US/China Trade Relations with
Kho, former Office of the U.S. Trade
Representative in 
the Executive Office of the
President. Mr. Kho was
Associate General
Counsel and principal attorney on all 


This extensive and specialized program incorporated over 60 specialist faculty members from academia, government offices, multi lateral organizations and from private legal practice.  ILI and the Shandong Lawyer delegation are humbled and thankful for the outpouring of support and expertise by our speakers, throughout this program.  ILI wishes to extend special appreciation to the law firms of Akin Gump Strauss Hauer & Feld LLP, Winston Strawn LLP, Axinn, Veltrop, Harkrider LLP, Chadbourne and Parke LLP, Steptoe and Johnson LLP, Holland and Knight LLP, Alston Bird LLP, Nelson Mullins LLP, Mayer Brown, Duane Morris LLP, Loeb & Loeb LLP, Kristein & Young PLLC, Grunfeld Desiderio Lebowitz Silverman & Klestadt LLP, and Adduci Mastriani & Schuamberg LLP for their internships and mentorships. ILI also wishes to thank the World Bank, Office of the US Trade Representative, US Senate, the US International Trade Commission, US Department of Commerce, US House of Representatives, and Mr. Li Guogang - Ministry of Commerce, China for their expert contributions.


This program is led by Patrick Macrory, Director of ILI's International Trade Law Center and was expertly supported by Ms. Emily Rae and ILI associates Ms. Zhang Xi, Mr. Gou Rongfei and Ms. Yang Rui.


DSC 2552      DSC 0289
Delegation attending a State Repection at the US Dept of State  Delegation celebrate their graduation with friends,
faculty and ILI staff


ILI would like to note the professionalism, expertise and dedication of this delegation.  We are assured of the value, drawn from their experiences in this program, that the delegation will bring back to their law firms, clients and province. ILI extends to our friends from Shandong, our very best wishes.


The Shandong Lawyer Delegations are administered by Ms. Guo Hui, Assistant Secretary General of the Shandong Bar Association, China and Mr. Robert Sargin, Deputy Director of the International Law Institute.