The International Law Institute held meetings this month with representatives of Zhejiang, China to discuss future training opportunities.

Areas of study were focused primarily on international finance, banking, insurances, risk assessment and management and capital markets.

Discussions focused equally on formal training and on practical application and observations of financial management including internships for selected participants at U.S. financial and regulatory institutions.

Meetings were held with Mr. Yu Di, from the Zhejiang Bureau of Foreign Experts, a friend of ILI and with whom we have worked successfully in the past. Representing the Zhejiang Provincial Finance Affairs Office was Ms. Chen Nin, and Ms. Yao Yao from the Zhejiang Personnel Training Center.

ILI looks forward to our continued discussions towards this opportunity and further supporting the specialized training needs within the Zhejiang Provincial government.

Representing ILI were Ms. Kim Phan, Executive Director; Robert Sargin, Deputy Director and Yue Yang, associate.

April 2011



Pictured signing: Ms. Kim Phan, Mr. Charles Verrill, Mr. Dong Guoxin and Mr. Guan Yongnian


The International Law Institute was honored this week to sign a most important training agreement with the Human Resources and Social Security Department of Shandong Province, China and the Law Association of Shandong.

The Letter of Intent provides for long term training opportunities between ILI and legal professionals from Shandong Province.  Training is expected to be conducted both in Shandong as well as at ILI facilities in Washington, DC.  Training will focus primarily on international trade, international dispute mechanisms, WTO, related U.S. legal institutions and protocols. This program will rely heavily on legal practicum within these areas of study as well as internships for selected participants, in prestigious Washington, DC law firms.

The agreement was signed by Mr. Dong Guoxin, Director-General of Human Resources and Social Security Department of Shandong Province and ILI Board President, Mr. Charles Verrill.

The training program is being coordinated through the Shandong Law Association as represented by Mr. Zhao Yu, Mr. Tang Jinming, Director of the Shandong Shinda Co. and Mr. Robert Sargin, Deputy Director of ILI.

Also included in this esteemed delegation from Shandong were Mr. Zhang Chuanting, Deputy Secretary-General of Shandong Provincial People's Government; Mr. Yu Shunshui, Deputy Director of Bureau of Foreign Experts of Human Resources and Social Security Department of Shandong; Mr. Zhang Zhuxiu, Division Chief of Human Resources and Social Security Department of Shandong Province; Mr. Sun Deping, Division Chief of Human Resources and Social Security Department of Shandong Province and Mr. Guan Yongnian, Division Chief of Department of Justice of Shandong Province. 

Accompanying Mr. Verrill from ILI were Ms. Kim Phan, Executive Director; Patrick Macrory, Center Director of ILI's International Trade Law Center; Mr. Li Guogang, ILI Visiting Scholar / Humphry Fellow / Division Director, Bureau of Fair Trade for Imports & Exports from the Ministry of Commerce, China; and Ms. Yue Yang, ILI Associate.

The International Law Institute would like to extend our sincerest appreciation to Mr. Verrill and the law firm of Wiley Rein, LLP for hosting this meeting.




The International Law Institute is proud to have hosted a senior delegation from provincial transportation authorities from Guangxi, China.

ILI presented for this delegation a specialized lecture series on International Competitive Bidding, Contract Administration & Project Management for Roads.

ILI wishes to extend our sincerest gratitude to Mr. Raghavan Srinivasan, (ILI faculty and former Chief Procurement Advisor to the World Bank) for his sessions on International Competitive Bidding, Financing and Regulations for World Bank and Asian Development Bank sponsored projects. ILI would also wish to thank Mr. Geoffrey Keating his contributions on Contract Administration of Large Works; Mr. Mehdi Al Bazzaz for sessions on Large Works Project Design and Preparation; Project Monitoring and Analysis by Mr. Cesar Queiroz, World Bank Highway Advisor and Lead Highway Engineer and former Deputy Director of the Brazilian Road Research Institute; Large Works Controls and Quality as delivered by Mr. Robert Youker, CEO of Management Planning and Control Systems, former World Bank Management Specialist; and Mr. Graham Myers, Sr. Civil Engineer and Director of Special Projects of Alpha Corporation and Advisor for the American High Speed Rail Association for his technical expertise on large works projects.

The International Law Institute would lastly like to thank Ms. Xiaowei Song, (practicing lawyer in Beijing and LL.M candidate at American University) for working so closely with ILI on this program.  Her ability to communicate highly technical materials was pivotal in promoting and maintaining meaningful dialogue between faculty and participants.



The International Law Institute is proud to have hosted a lecture series on U.S. Public Administration and Civil Service Employment Management and Policy for a delegation of 22 esteemed professors and university administrators from Guizhou Province, China.

The delegation was sent by the Guizhou provincial government and primarily consisted of representatives from the Guizhou Administrative College. This College is responsible for the cultivation and selection of senior officials and management in Guizhou.

The delegation was arranged for by the Beijing Future-Land Information and Consulting Co. Ltd. [an ILI representative in China] and was held from Feb. 22 – 25, 2011.

Meetings and lectures were held with the U.S. Office of Personnel Management; The Graduate School; and the National Association of Public Administrators all focused on federal perspectives. The delegation also met with the D.C. Department of Human Resources to better compare local civil service and policy perspectives to that of federal administration.

The International Law Institute extends our deepest gratitude to Mr. Rick Lowe, Director – Office of the Executive Secretariat & Ombudsman, U.S. Office of Personnel Management; Olena Yanakova, Program Manager – The Graduate School; Angelina Rowe Garner, Director – D.C. Department of Human Services; Patricia Elwood, Director – Office of Protocol and International Affairs, Executive Office of the Mayor [D.C.]; Kristine Marcy, President and CEO – National Academy of Public Administration; and the Office of Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes-Norton for their contributions and training partnership on this program.

In addition, ILI would especially like to thank Ms. Dan Shang from Andrews Kurth LLP, for her singular and extraordinary contributions in the form of communications and instruction, which resulted in the overall success of this program.


The International Law Institute is proud to have once again hosted the UN Commission on International Trade Law (UNCITRAL) Expert Group for Working Group I, at our facilities in Washington, DC from January 26 – 28, 2011.

UNCITRAL is comprised of 6 Working Groups. Working Group 1 is primarily dedicated to Country Procurement and Infrastructure Investment and Management; Working Group 2 focuses primarily on Arbitration and Conciliation; Working Group 3 focuses on Online Dispute Resolution; Working Group 4 focuses on E-Commerce and Negotiable Instruments; Working Group 5 is dedicated to Insolvency and Economic Order; and Working Group 6 on Security Interests.

The Expert Group for Working Group 1 met to discuss final revisions to the New Model Law for Country Procurement, which is intended to assist developing countries to strengthen the integrity of their own procurement systems.

The Group met to work to finalize the law and producea "Guide to Enactment". Outputs from this meeting will be submitted to Working Group I for approval in March 2011. Working Group 1 will then further submit these recommendations for final approval of the law and a working draft of the Guide to the UNCITRAL Commission later this year, and for dissemination by the UN to country procurement officials thereafter.

Participants included Caroline Nicholas (Secretariat), Don Wallace, Jr., Chris Yukins, Keith Loken, Lisa Miller, Alison Micheli, Eleanor Andres, Zhao Yong, Julia Davis and Robert Smith. For more information on the activities of UNCITRAL, please refer to their website at .  

The International Law Institute a permanent observer to UNCITRAL.



Ambassador Motsyk with Kim Phan, Patrick Macrory and Jeff Ziarnik in the George Washington Room at the Ukraine Embassy


Ukraine Ambassador to the United States thanks ILI for training trade lawyers of the Ukraine Embassy. 

On January 28, 2011, ILI Executive Director Kim Phan, Director of the International Trade Law Center Patrick Macrory, and Program Administrator Jeff Ziarnik, at the invitation of Ambassador Olexander Motsyk, paid a visit to The Embassy of Ukraine to the United States.

The meeting followed the completion of the ILI Dispute Mechanisms of the WTO training seminar attended by members of the Embassy. Two Embassy staff were awarded scholarships to recognize Ukraine's increasing involvement in the WTO and to celebrate past Ukrainian participation in ILI seminars.

The parties exchanged ideas of fostering mutual cooperation on future projects. Discussions covered advanced legal and economic training in areas of international trade law, international investment law, public procurement, and judicial trainings. The parties also discussed the potential for training at ILI in Washington DC and special training to be arranged in Ukraine.

The International Law Institute would like to thank Ambassador Motsyk and the Embassy of Ukraine for their hospitality and recommendations for future collaboration.




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Angelito Nayan, Philippines Embassy, Jittima Srithaporn, Embassy of Thailand, Gougang Li, China's Ministry of Commerce with Kim Phan, Executive Director of ILI and Patrick Macrory, Director of ILI's International Trade Law Center.


In recognition of the United States hosting the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Summit in 2011, the International Law Institute (ILI) and the National Center for APEC jointly offered scholarships to individuals from APEC member economies to the ILI Seminar on Dispute Mechanisms of the WTO and Regional Trade Agreements which ran from January 17 to 21, 2011. Scholarships were awarded to: Mr. Gougang Li, Director of Anti-Dumping Division at the Ministry of Commerce in China; Mr. Angelito Nayan, Economic Officer at the Embassy of the Philippines; and Ms. Jittima Srithaporn, Trade Counselor at the Royal Thai Embassy.

The scholarships were awarded based upon the applicants' backgrounds and the relevancy of the seminar to their current and future work. Mr. Li has had experience drafting and amending trade remedy laws and regulations. Ms. Srithaporn's work at the Embassy covers trade, and she has also been involved in negotiating free trade agreements. Mr. Nayan hopes to join the Philippine mission to the WTO.

Participants received in-depth knowledge of how the WTO dispute settlement process works, which is unique among international organizations. The course covered the four main stages of the process: consultations, panel proceedings, appeals, and implementation of rulings. There were presentations on dispute settlement in WTO and regional trade agreements with emphasis on issues facing developing countries, proposed changes to the system, and investor-state arbitration under Bilateral Investment Treaties and regional trade agreements. Participants held a moot court representing disputing countries and the panel.   The course was led by Patrick Macrory, Director of ILI's International Trade Law Center and faculty included leading international trade experts who worked at USTR and had extensive experience in WTO litigation. They included Gary Horlick, former First Chairman of the WTO Permanent Group of Experts on Subsidies and one of the few Americans to sit as a WTO Panel member; James Mendenhall, former General Counsel of USTR; and Andrew Shoyer, head of the international practice at Sidley Austin and formerly chief litigator at the U.S. Mission to the WTO.

Participants left motivated to use their new-found knowledge. Mr. Li said the course would help him to settle disputes on behalf of China before the WTO. Ms. Srithaporn added that the course broadened her knowledge of the WTO Dispute Settlement mechanisms. Mr. Nayan found the seminar will help him as he prepares for a possible posting in the Philippine Mission to the WTO in Geneva. All participants conveyed their thanks to NCAPEC and ILI for giving them the opportunity to learn about the Dispute Mechanism of the WTO.




International Law Institute announces the publication of the 2009 Digest of United States Practice in International Law. 

Co-published by the International Law Institute and Oxford University Press, and prepared by the Office of the Legal Adviser at the Department of State, this annual compilation of documents and commentary, highlighting significant developments in public and private international law, is an invaluable resource for practitioners and scholars in the field.

Each annual edition compiles excerpts from documents such as treaties, diplomatic notes and correspondence, legal opinion letters, judicial decisions, Senate committee reports and press releases. All of the documents which are excerpted in the Digest are selected by members of the Legal Adviser's Office of the U.S. Department of State, based on their judgments about the significance of the issues, their potential relevance to future situations, and their likely interest to practitioners and scholars. In almost every case, the commentary to each excerpt is accompanied by a citation to the full text.

The 2009 "Digest" is exclusively distributed by Oxford University Press. If you wish to purchase any volume from 2004 to present from this site, you will be automatically redirected from ILI's website to the appropriate page on the Oxford University Press' web site.

The 2009 edition may be obtained HERE


Delegation meeting with the World Bank

Dec. 2010: ILI was honored to host a conference on U.S. strategies for poverty alleviation for a Chinese delegation comprised of 25 nation wide senior social service experts when they visited Washington D.C. in December 2010. The delegation was sent by the Poverty Alleviation Training Center under the Chinese State Council.

The conference focused on poverty alleviation strategies that were utilized primarily by the United States as well as other international organizations and how to deal with both urban and rural poverty from national and international perspectives. 

During the conference the delegation interacted with experts from the D.C. Department of Human Services, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, the U.S. House Subcommittee on Income Security and Family Support, the Office of Rural Development at the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the World Bank and a leading international poverty alleviation non-governmental organization.

ILI wishes this delegation well for its efforts and wishes to thank those organizations that contributed generously to the success of this program.

In partnership with the Management Center at American University in Cairo (AUC), ILI recently won a competitive bidding process to design an anti-corruption training program to the Government of Egypt in early 2011.  In developing this training program, ILI will leverage its thirty years of experience training and advising countries from the Middle East and Africa on government integrity, anti-corruption and public procurement.  The partnership with AUC will ensure customized training based on international best practices adapted to local needs and considerations.  ILI strongly believes that anti-corruption efforts are essential to good governance and looks forward to helping the Egyptian government in promoting transparency, efficiency and accountability in fighting corruption.