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Denis Karimov presenting on “Legal Reform as a Catalyst for Sustained Economic Growth in Russia”

The International Law Institute was proud to have sponsored and hosted Mr. Denis Karimov as ILI’s 2019 Victor Mozolin Visiting Scholar Fellow, during the month of April and early May.

Mr. Karimov is one of the leading experts and commentators on Russian Administrative Law. He serves as an Administrative Law Expert to the Representative of the Presidential Commissioner for Entrepreneurs Rights. Mr. Karimov is a practicing lawyer and a legal researcher at Ural State University. As a scholar and practitioner, Denis has published over 80 academic articles on administrative law issues and maintains several blogs in Russia devoted to advancing knowledge and discussions related to administrative law with focus on important commercial and procedural subject matter. [https://zakon.ru/deniskarimov] 

Mr. Karimov’s fellowship focused on comparing Russian and US law, procedure, and standards of Public Administration and the interplay of Civil Law and Administrative Law structure of Russia and the Common Law structure of the US. Additionally, to better understand the foundational principles on which US administrative review and procedure is built; the unique authorities of administrative courts in the US (which differ substantially from those in Russia); and the comparative advantages of both the Russian and US systems in resolving administrative challenges while ensuring the continued efficiencies and effectiveness of the agencies in question.

During his time in the US, Mr. Karimov conducted extensive legal and policy research and the Law Library of Congress and the Georgetown University Law School.  Denis met with judges and representatives from state and federal administrative agencies including judges of the US Court of Federal Claims, the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission, the US Environmental Protection Agency, the Office of Administrative Courts of Colorado, in addition to other subject matter experts.

During his fellowship Mr. Karimov held a forum where he presented to panel of senior government officials, law partners and trade representatives on “Legal Reform as a Catalyst for Sustained Economic Growth in Russia”.  The forum was conducted at the at the US Russia Business Council, where Mr. Karimov shed insight on properties on Russian Administrative Law influence on Civil Law, business and rationale of Russian legal tradition of public administration, value, for its existing structure and where opportunites exist for further enhancement. 

The Victor Mozolin Visiting Scholar Fellowship was created to honor and continue the work of the Russian legal scholar Viktor Pavlovich Mozolin, professor at Moscow State University. In 1970, while with the University of Peoples' Friendship, Professor Mozolin met with ILI Chairman, Prof. Don Wallace Jr., at Georgetown University Law Center where they formed a lifelong relationship. Both Prof. Mozolin and Prof. Wallace worked closely under IREX [International Research & Exchanges Board] on scholarly exchanges of experts between the US and the former USSR. Together, they established multiple exchanges and legal conferences. Through the International Law Institute, Prof. Mozolin published scholarly books involving comparative contract law and property law in the US and the USSR. The International Law Institute recognizes Prof. Mozolin for his intellect, his academic influence in advancing the corporate and commercial law system in the USSR to make its economy more efficient and productive, and for his never ending dedication to expanding rule of law.

This fellowship is administered, in close cooperation with William Pomeranz, Deputy Director of the Keenan Institute, a division of the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars [https://www.wilsoncenter.org/program/kennan-institute]; Randy Bregman of the US Russia Business Council [https://www.usrbc.org/]; and Prof. Don Wallace Jr and Robert Sargin of the International Law Institute.


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The International Law Institute is excited to have entered into an Inter-Institutional Memorandum of Understanding with the Indian Lawyers Association [ILA].  [http://indialawyers.org/]

The goals of this MOU is to expand academic and technical programs and exchanges between our institutions and the members and participants of each.

The basis of both institutions is to foster the rule of law and to do so through advancing of the level of professional capacity so that professionals may achieve practical solutions to present and future problems in ways that suit their nations’ own needs.

ILI believes that economic growth is achieved through the right combination of enlightened policies, capable administration, and an active private sector. The process includes developing a transparent, efficient, and stable legal system, sound financial institutions, and a core of trained, able individuals in various professions.

The institutions that matter – good governance, stable legal and judicial systems, transparent procurement policies, and functioning capital markets – are fundamental. These are, however, only as effective as the people who create and manage them.

The International Law Institute and the Indian Lawyers Association recognize the value and wealth of the international resources we each can bring to accomplish and sustain our mutual capacity building goals.

The agreement and relationship was formulated between Manuj Bhardwaj, Secretary General of the Indian Lawyers Association and Robert Sargin, Deputy Director of the International Law Institute.

We each look forward to a long and productive relationship.


The Indian Lawyers Association (“ILA”) was founded in 2018 and is a voluntary professional organization for the legal professionals of India. Membership is open to lawyers, judges, professors, law students, and others interested in the law and the legal profession. The ILA has been formed to shape the future of the legal profession throughout India.

ILA aims to support the legal profession by offering access to practical resources for legal professionals to help improve the administration of justice, establish ethical codes, and develop a professional network. ILA promotes an exchange of information between the 400+ ILA Chapters nationwide.

Aims and Objectives

  • Serve Our Members
  1. Provide benefits, programs and services which promote members’ professional growth and quality of life.
  2. To provide mentorship and support for our regional chapters, and its members.
  3. To provide a platform for networking and professional development opportunities for individual law students and lawyers

  • Improve Our Profession
  1. Promote the highest quality legal education.
  2. Promote competence, ethical conduct and professionalism.
  3. Promote pro bono and public service by the legal profession.

  • Eliminate Bias and Enhance Diversity
  1. Promote full and equal participation in the association, our profession, and the justice system by all persons.
  2. Eliminate bias in the legal profession and the justice system.

  • Advance the Rule of Law
  1. Increase public understanding of, and respect for, the rule of law, the legal process, and the role of the legal profession at home and throughout the world.
  2. Hold governments accountable under law.
  3. Work for just laws, including human rights, and a fair legal process.
  4. Assure meaningful access to justice for all persons.
  5. Preserve the independence of the legal profession and the judiciary.
  6. Provide access to a network of pro bono services.



The International Law Institute "ILI" is a leading provider of training and technical assistance in international law, international economics, and other aspects of international relations.  Established in 1955 and formerly part of  Georgetown University, ILI is now an independent, non-political, non-profit 501 c 3 educational institute serving a global constituency.  More than 38,000 participants, from over 186 countries, have been trained by ILI and its global affiliates. ILI also provides technical expertise to developing nations in the drafting of laws and the designing of their economic and government policies, in efforts to further support and promote good and efficient governance through the rule of law.  www.ili.org

ILI presents approximately 40 - 50 core-training programs each year in our facility in Washington, DC. http://www.ili.org/training.html

ILI conducts another 15-20 specialized programs are conducted annually in the U.S. and abroad, at the request of foreign governments, the World Bank, or other multilateral sponsoring agencies.

ILI has drafted over 40 laws (ratified) for developing countries; designed and implemented country systems (Arbitration / Mediation, Public Procurement; Banking System; Anti-Corruption protocols) among other notable achievements. 

ILI works closely with many governments across the globe including the US where we work with the US Foreign Service Institute on International Trade and Investments.

The ILl is an official training partner of the IFC [International Finance Corporation — World Bank] on private sector investments in large public works.

ILI is also certified by China’s State Administration of Foreign Expert Affairs [SAFEA] and ranks as a leading provider of technical training on law and governance to China for Chinese government officials, SOEs, legal practitioners, and private sector officers.  ILI is also a founding member of the Belts and Road International Lawyer Association of China.

The ILI holds observer status at UNCITRAL - the United National United Nations Commission on International Trade Law; UNIDROIT - the International Institute for the Unification of Private Law; and the Hague Conference on Private International Law.

ILI is headquartered in Washington, DC, with independent regional centers in Kampala, Uganda; Abuja, Nigeria; Cairo, Egypt; Santiago, Chile; Istanbul, Turkey; a representatives office in Beijing, China.

ILI is also partnered with government entities, institutions, and universities in India, Austria, Germany, Serbia, Mexico, Italy, and Singapore to also train international officials.

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On Tuesday May 14, 2019, the anniversary of the 1955 signing of the Warsaw Pact, the International Law Institute (ILI), in cooperation with the Inter-University Center for Terrorism Studies (IUCTS), the Inter-University Center for Legal Studies, and the Center for National Security Law of the University of Virginia Law School, hosted a Special Ambassador’s Forum on “The Role of Diplomacy in the World’s Future.” With opening remarks from ILI Chairman Don Wallace and moderated by Professor Yonah Alexander of IUCTS and Ambassador (Ret.) Charles Ray, the panel included Ambassador (Ret). Ronald Neumann, Ambassador (Ret.) Lino Gutierrez, New Zealand Ambassador to the U.S. Rosemary Banks, and Dr. Mir Sadat, Director of Defense and Space Policy, U.S. National Security Council. General [Ret.] Alfred Gray, Twenty-Ninth Commandant of the U.S. Marine Corps. and Senior Fellow and Chairman of the Baord of Regents at the Potomac Institute presented concluding remarks and provided unique perspectives on these critial global issues and strategies.

Notable points discussed included the significance of both individual and state actors in the global arena, the enduring importance of the classic responsibilities of diplomacy, the new challenges diplomacy faces, the inseparability of politics and economics, the strategic importance of space, and the need for better educating the public about the work of diplomats. The International Law Institute appreciates the participation of the panelists and attendees and looks forward to further events with these institutional partners.


IUCTS May 14 2019 Event

Legal Reform Growth Russia

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Lagos, Nigeria | July 8 -19, 2019


The World Bank's International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes (ICSID), Georgetown University Law Center (Georgetown Law) and International Law Institute – African Centre for Legal Excellence (ILI-ACLE) are delighted to offer a high-level, intensive and practical 10-day program on Investment Arbitration, specially designed for public and private sector African professionals.

With the current levels of investment on the continent, arbitration is an increasingly important area of knowledge and specialization that calls for more participation from African counsel and arbitrators.

Jointly designed by three highly respected global institutions, this program will give participants the opportunity to:

• Learn first-hand from, and engage with ICSID counsel and seasoned arbitration practitioners;
• Gain insight into jurisdiction and substantive protections in investment arbitration;
• Review the practice and procedures in investment arbitration;
• Discuss recent trends in investment arbitration involving African states and their impact;
• Discuss remedies and costs, as well as recognition and enforcement;
• Examine case studies for enhanced learning on practice, global trends and best practices;
• Sharpen their skills and knowledge through participating in a mock arbitration; and
• Earn certification jointly awarded by ICSID, Georgetown Law and ILI-ACLE.

Learning Outcome: By the end of this premium program, participants will have enhanced knowledge and skills in navigating the practice and procedures in investment arbitration, particularly the special procedures in ICSID arbitration.

TUITION: $1,500 per participant.

APPLY NOW: Email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for application details or call us on +256 753979825 or +256 754500504 (WhatsApp).

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IUCTS Bio Security

Marvin Kalb

The International Law Institute is proud of a long and constructive relationship with the People’s Republic of China dating since 1979. ILI has provided support in areas of capacity training, technical assistance, specialized legal conferences, and exchange programs. Over the many years ILI and China have adjoined on diverse programs from law and governance, to infrastructure, economics, and poverty alleviation.

In 2018 ILI was honored to have hosted nine new distinguished delegations of legal scholars, practitioners, and government representatives from China.

Ministry of Justice - PRC China Law Society  Beijing Administration Institute
All China Lawyers Association      Beijing High People’s Court  Shanghai Bar Association 
Guangxi Judicial Delegation  Guangdong Judicial Delegation       Shanghai Huangpu Bar Association    


It is our hope that our programs, and the contributions from our technical experts have substantially aided our delegates in their understanding of applicable legal subject matter, policies, and strategies in our shared goal to promote the effective application of good governance and the rule of law.



Under the direction of the Supreme People’s Court of China ILI hosted an esteemed delegation of judges from Guangdong Province. The program was titled “The System of Witnesses Appearing in Court in Criminal Cases,” ILI trainings included the observation of court procedures at the District of Columbia Superior Court, lectures led by Dr. James Apple on witness procedure and protection, and a meeting with Judge Lyn Leibovitz from the District of Columbia Superior Court to discuss witness testimony in criminal trials and the identification, examination and impeachment of witnesses. The 6-member Guangdong delegation was led by Judge HONG Shiquan, Vice President of the High People’s Court of Guangdong Province.



The Guangxi delegation, led by Judge HUANG Hongbo of Guangxi Laibin Intermediate People’s Court and consisting of 17 members, focused on the access to court information and trial procedure. Training focused on the U.S. legal system; judicial accountability; judicial transparency, the role of media and trust in judges and courts; selection of judges in the District of Columbia; alternative dispute resolution and mediation; court reports and access to information; access to justice and its role in judicial transparency and accountability; court information and reporting; administrative law courts; responsibilities of bars working with judges; judicial disabilities and tenure. 

DSC01499 20180119 121404  
Guangxi Chief Judges Meeting with 
Scott Harris, Clerk of the Supreme Court of the
United States
Judge Vanessa Ruiz and Clerk of Court
Julio A. Castillo, District of Columbia
Court of Appeals Host Guangxi Chief Judges


DC Bar with Ronald Flagg, District of Columbia Judicial Nomination
Commission; Jeannie Adams, Multi-door Division of the District of
Columbia Superior Court; Nancy Drane, District of Columbia Commission
on Access to Justice; Anna Maria Steward, District of Columbia Bar; 
D.C. Bar CEO Robert Spagnoletti, President Patrick McGlone, and
President-Elect Esther Lim; D.C. Court of Appeals Chief Judge
Anna Blackburne-Rigsby; and D.C. Superior Court Chief Judge Robert
Morin; Catherine Hudgins, District of Columbia Commission on
Judicial Disabilities and Tenure host Guangxi delegation

The program also included site visits to the District of Columbia Superior Court, Federal Judicial Center, District of Columbia Bar, District of Columbia Commission on Judicial Disabilities and Tenure, Supreme Court of the United States, United States District Court for the Southern District of New York and United States Bankruptcy Court for the Eastern District of New York.

ILI most respectfully acknowledges the immeasurable expertise, contributions and program support from James Apple, International Judicial Academy; Judge Lyn Leibovitz and Judge Vanessa Ruiz, District of Columbia Superior Court; Michael Cedrone, Georgetown University Law Center; Judge Alexander Williams; Stephen Wermiel, American University Washington College of Law; Ronald Flagg, District of Columbia Judicial Nomination Commission; Jeannie Adams, Multi-door Division of the District of Columbia Superior Court; Nancy Drane, District of Columbia Commission on Access to Justice; Anna Maria Steward, District of Columbia Bar; D.C. Bar CEO Robert Spagnoletti, President Patrick McGlone, and President-elect Esther Lim; D.C. Court of Appeals Chief Judge Anna Blackburne-Rigsby; and D.C. Superior Court Chief Judge Robert Morin; Catherine Hudgins, District of Columbia Commission on Judicial Disabilities and Tenure; Scott Harris, Supreme Court of the United States; Judge Sidney Stein, U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York; Judge Elizabeth Strong, U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the Easter District of New York.


The Beijing High People’s Court program focused on the topic of bankruptcy. Discussion points for this meeting included overview of the American bankruptcy system; the trustee system in US bankruptcy proceedings; and bankruptcy reorganization.

BJHC 2019 1   BJHC 2019 3
Judge Martin Teel Jr. of US Bankruptcy Court of DC    Sam Gerdano, Executive Director and Mr. Ed Flynn
of the American Bankruptcy Institute

Our delegation was led by Mr. WU Zaicun, President of the No.1 Intermediate People’s Court of Beijing and Member of the Judicial Committee. It further comprised of Mr. YANG Boyong, Chief judge of No.3 Civil Division of Beijing High People’s Court; Mr. ZHANG Zhongxia, Chief Judge of Judicial Supervision Division of Beijing High People’s Court; Mr. DONG Jiantie, Chief Judge of Appeals Review Division of No.1 Intermediate People’s Court of Beijing; Ms. MA Jinsong, Deputy Director of Division of Judicial Administration & Equipment Management of Beijing High People’s Court; and Ms. ZHENG Weiihua, Chief Judge of Liquidation and Bankruptcy Trial Division of No.1 Intermediate People’s Court of Beijing.

The program was developed by Dr. James Apple, Center Director of ILI’s International Judicial Academy. Providing technical instruction was Mr. Sam Gerdano, Executive Director and Mr. Ed Flynn of the American Bankruptcy Institute; Judge Martin Teel Jr. of US Bankruptcy Court of District of Columbia; and the Honorable Dennis Montali, Federal Judge from U.S. District Court of Northern District of California.


The ILI welcomed a senior delegation appointed by the Shanghai Bar Association. The 14 member delegation was comprised of accomplished and technically sophisticated international lawyers. The specialized program focused on Cross Border Investment and Commercial Laws of the United States.

Shanghai 2019 1 Shanghai 2019 2 Shanghai 2019 3
Shanghai Bar Association attends presentation
at US Supreme Court
Ian Laird and David Baron, Crowell Moring, LLP
lecture on Investment Law in the US and
Bilateral Investment Treaties
Claire Reade, Patrick Macrory and Edward Alden
discuss current US trade policy and
future considerations

Sessions focused on practical issues emerging from US commercial law, corporations and US business practices including: Contracts and Key Provisions; US Legal System and Court System; US Corporations, Forming a Corporation in the US and Important considerations; US Corporate Regulations; Mergers and Acquisitions; Competition Law; Investments in PPP and Infrastructure Projects; Litigation and Appeals Process; Investment Law in the US and Bilateral Investment Treaties; US Security Review Procedures; US-China Trade and Investment Policies; Bankruptcies; US Financial Markets and Risk Assessment; Securities Regulations – Must Knows for Chinese Investors; Private Equity Investment and Venture Capital.

In addition to lectures, and site visits, lawyers met with representatives from prestigious international law firms in DC to better understand from their U.S. peers organizational structure and of those firms and general management of large international law firms.

Shanghai 2019 4 Shanghai 2019 6 Shanghai 2019 7
Mark Bravin, MSK, LLP discusses issues on
International M&A and Competition Law
Shanghai Bar Association with Stuart Kerr, Jones Day  
Steve Gordon, Partner, Holland & Knight, LLP
lectures on US Commercial Litigation and
the Appeals Process

Ms. LIU Haiyan, partner at Zhong Lun Law Firm, led the delegation with distinguished members of Ms. LIU Qian, partner at Grandway law offices Shanghai Office; Ms. SANG Li, lawyer at Shanghai Daxian Law Firm; Ms. JIANG Wanyi, lawyer at Shanghai Fangben Law Firm; Ms. LIU Chang, attorney at Shanghai City Development Law Firm; Ms. LI Nan, Lawyer at Shanghai Rongli Law Firm; Mr. ZHU Feng, lawyer at Grandall Law Firm (Shanghai); Ms. ZHANG Wenyue, attorney at Hansen & Partners; Mr. ZHU Donghua, lawyer at Shanghai Moutai Law Firm; Mr. SHEN Haiying, partner at Beijing Zhongyin Shanghai Law Firm; Ms. YU Jiaqi, partner at Shanghai Llinks Law Offices; Mr. CHEN Zhensheng, partner at POLAW & Co. Law Firm; Ms. SUN Jie, partner at R. R. Sun & Co. Law Firm; Ms. ZHAO Jun, partner at Shanghai W&H Law Firm; Ms. WU Shengnan, managing partner at Shanghai Shentong Law Firm.

Well over 20 speakers from over 15 supporting organizations provide technical expertise to this program. ILI respectfully acknowledges the immeasurable expertise, contributions and program support from the Impressa Legal Group; Temple University; Crowell & Moring, LLP; Akin Gump Strauss Hauer & Feld, LLP; Jones Day; Holland & Knight, LLP; University of Michigan; Georgetown University Law Center; Mitchell Silberberg & Knupp LLP; Norton Rose Fulbright LLP; Appleton Luff International Partners; Berliner Corcoran & Rowe LLP; William W. Uchimoto Law.


The International Law Institute welcomed a 5-member delegation from the Beijing Administration Institute [BAI]. The Beijing Administration Institute is an arm of Beijing Municipal government that focuses on training of mid and high level city officials on management and policies, among other areas.

Based on the common interests in training, the study of law and the practical application thereof, ILI and BAI entered into a Memorandum of Understanding to advance further educational cooperation and exchanges.

BAI 2019 1

The program which was conducted for BAI was to review US administrative law and corresponding court system procedures.

The esteemed delegation was headed by Mr. TAN Jidong, Vice President of BAI, and was further comprised of Ms. LYU Tingjun, Law Professor, Director of Training Division of BAI; Ms. ZHOU Yueli, Associate Professor, Deputy Director of Law Department of BAI; Mr. CHEN Cong, Interpreter, Deputy Director of Department of International Cooperation and Exchange of BAI; Ms. WANG Fei, Associate Professor at Law Department of BAI.

The program was supported by the expert inputs from H. William Froehlich; Mingda Qiu from CSIS; Prof. David Super, from Georgetown University Law Center.


The International Law Institute warmly welcomed for the 4th consecutive year the China Law Society (CLS) on programs related to judicial process, efficiencies and reforms. The China Law Society is a nationwide professional and academic organization, serving as a bond between Chinese legal professionals and legal practitioners. It plays an important role in developing the legal system, fostering legal research, and promoting the rule of law in China.

This year’s program, under the title of Judicial Reform: Access to Justice and Relieving Burdens on the Court: Increasing the Role of ADR, explored methods to streamline court efficiencies in China through considerations of court and non-court administered and managed dispute resolution mechanisms. This program also investigated private/public, community based, non-profit and for profit dispute settlement regimes.

Elements of commercial, family, and other civil procedure and applications were carefully explored. Court procedure and how ADR reporting systems are maintained (if at all) were also detailed.

Training was conducted in Washington, DC and San Francisco. 

CLS 2019 1 CLS 2019 2 CLS 2019 3
Prof. Jane Willems, Tsinghua University discusses 
ADR variances between the US and PRC
Eileen Hoffman presents at the 
Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service
Prof. Anne Marie Whitesell 
[Georgetown Univ Law and frmr Sec. General of
the ICC] discusses ICC Arbitration
in International Commercial Disputes 
CLS 2019 4 CLS 2019 5 CLS 2019 6
Karen Leichtnam presents on the functions of the 
DC Multi-Door Dispute Resolution Division - DC Courts
Howard Herman introduces US District Court 
for the Northern District of California 
Alternative Dispute Resolution Unit
Richard Birke from the JAMS Institute presents 
on structure and policies of Jams Arbitration
and Mediation 

Mr. ZHOU Zhanhua, President of Democracy and Legal System, led the delegation, which was further comprised of Mr. LIANG Zhanguang, Vice President, Law Society of Shandong Province; Ms. REN Xishan, Deputy Director General of Chinese Law Counseling Center; Mr. HE Peng, Senior Program Officer, China Legal Exchange Center; Mr. YUAN Chaohong, Vice President of Law Society, Fujian Province; Mr. GAI Bozheng, Vice President of Law Society of Hebei Province; Ms. ZHU Qiaoxiang, Executive Council Member of Law Society of Zhejiang Province; Mr. MA Jun, Vice-President, Law Society of Shanxi Province; Mr. SONG Zhongxian, Vice-President, Law Society of Heilongjiang Province; Mr. WANG Xiaoping, Executive Council Member, Law Society of Guizhou Province; Ms. DU Yusu, Vice-President, Intermediate People’s Court of Xi’an; Ms. DU Lin, Director of Membership Department of China Law Society; Mr. LIU Shifang, Deputy Secretary-General of Law Society of Qinghai Province; Mr. ZHANG Changhong, Director of General Affairs Office of Law Society of Henan Province ; Mr. LIU Yijian, Vice-President of Law Society of Harbin; Mr. ZENG Zhenghong, Vice-President, Law Society of Shenzhen; Mr. DAI Fengshan, Vice Chairman of Legislative Affairs Commission of Standing Committee of Wuhan People’s Congress; Ms. LIAN Zhihui, Deputy Director of General Affairs Office China Law Society; Ms. ZHOU Yang, Deputy Director of General Affairs Office, Rule of Law Institute of China Law Society; Ms. ZHENG Jiana, Deputy Secretary-General of Law Society of Guangdong Province; Mr. XU Zhongxing, Deputy Director of Research Department, Law Society of Jilin Province; Mr. LIU Xiliang, Council Member of Law Society of Xi’an; Mr. LI Yuewen, Principal Staff Member of Personnel Department.

CLS 2019 7 CLS 2019 8 CLS 2019 9
Howard Herman introduces US District Court 
for the Northern District of California 
Alternative Dispute Resolution Unit
Candace Smith-Tucker, DC Bar
Reviews Strategies of Court and Case 
Load Efficiencies
Elizabeth Kelber, Judge Jeff Ross, Judge Mary Wiss, 
Judge Chris Hite, Judge Adrew Cheng, Anne Kriston 
Mazzulo of the Superior Court of San Francisco
Introduces the ADR Section of the SF Superior Court

CLS 2019 11 CLS 2019 11B  CLS 2019 12
American Bar Association - Section on Dispute 
Resolution Linda Seely, Judge Deanne Wilson, 
Judge Raymond Batten, Sheryl Goski, 
Harrie Samaras.  Joined by Donna Steinstra
- Federal Judicial Center
Prof. Hal Abramson, Touro Law Lectures on
US Mediation and the Singapore Convention 
CLS at Stanford University after meetings 
with Prof. Janet Martinez discussing Intl. Council 
for Online Dispute Resolution

This program could not have been completed without the expertise from an assembly of distinguished training partners from the U.S. federal and state governments; law firms, and private sector legal organizations. ILI respectfully acknowledges the contributions and program support from Prof. Kevin Fandl, Temple University; Crowell Moring; Tsinghua University; Paul Hastings LLP; Curtis Mallet-Provost, Colt & Mosle, LLP; Federal Mediation And Conciliation Service; American Arbitration Association; DC Bar; Touro Law; American University, Washington College Of Law; American Bar Association; Federal Judicial Center; Institute For Conflict Prevention And Resolution; DC Multi-Door Dispute Resolution Division; Georgetown University Law Center; United States District Court For The Northern District Of California [Alternative Dispute Resolution Unit]; Bar Association Of San Francisco; ADR Section Of The Superior Court – San Francisco; Jams Institute; International Council For Online Dispute Resolution; and Stanford University.


The International Law Institute was specially honored to have hosted and worked closely with the Ministry of Justice of People’s Republic of China on the topic of Mutual Legal Assistance Treaties and Judicial Assistance. The delegation was comprised of senior governmental officials from Ministry of Justice, National People’s Congress, and Directors from prison and police system.

The discussion for this program included the overview of judicial assistance; civil and criminal international judicial assistance; mutual legal assistance treaties and building international relations; judicial assistance involving immigration issues; US DOJ perspective on mutual legal assistance in criminal matters; international and legislative considerations for MLA treaties; CLOUD Act implementation and considerations; law enforcement and the details of the transfer of sentenced criminals; international evidence gathering in cross border criminal cases; the process of gathering and sharing evidence under MLA; prosecution of foreign suspects; notifications; MLAT compliance; considerations for China in its role leading bilateral legal agreements; cross-border civil pursuit and recovery of assets; defense of the accused in civil cases; rights and defense of accused under MLAT parameters in criminal cases. This program provided US and China counterparts to share constructive information and was conducted in both Washington DC and New York.

MOJ 2019 1 MOJ 2019 2 MOJ 2019 3
David Bowker of Wilmer Hale LLP, discusses
US perspectives on International Judicial Assistance
SUN Yong, Director General of The Legal
Assistance Exchange Center of MOJ meets
with Katerina Ossenova, US Dept of Justice,
Office of Foreign Litigation to discuss IJA

Maveep Aujla and Kevin Sheives, US Dept of
State discusses Mutual Legal Assistance Treaties
and Building International Relations
MOJ 2019 4 MOJ 2019 5 MOJ 2019 6
Jeffrey Olson and Rosemary Yu, US Dept
of Justice  discuss MLATs in Criminal Matters 
Sylvia Royce, Law Offices of Sylvia Royce,
details the US International Prisoner
Transfer Program
Samir Jain from Jones Day discusses the Cloud Act 

The delegation was headed by Mr. SUN Yong, Director General of The Legal Assistance Exchange Center of MOJ, and was further comprised of Mr. HU Bo, Director at The Discipline Inspection Unit of Central Discipline Commission at MOJ; Ms. LI Jing, Deputy Director-General, Prison Administration Bureau of MOJ; Ms. YIN Yuemei, Deputy Director-General of International Cooperation Bureau of MOJ; Ms. WEI Jiehua, Deputy Director, Division I for International Exchange of International Cooperation Bureau of MOJ; Ms. GAO Wen, Deputy Director of Institute of Crime Prevention of MOJ; Mr. WU Kun, Deputy Editor in Chief, Legal Daily of MOJ; Mr. XU Yongan, Director, Division I of Criminal Law Office at Legislative Affairs Commission of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress; Mr. ZHANG Hong, Deputy Inspector-General, Legislative Affairs Office at Foreign Affairs Commission of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress; Mr. CAO Huan, Assistant Prosecutor, International Cooperation Bureau of Supreme People's Procuratorate; Ms. WU Ying, Director, Interpol Office of International Cooperation Bureau of Ministry of Public Security; Ms. XIA Tao, Deputy Inspector-General, Beijing Bureau of Justice; Mr. LIU Gang, Deputy Director General Office of Beijing High People's Court; Mr. JIANG Yi, Director, Guidance Office for Drug Rehab in Prison of Shanghai Bureau of Justice; Mr. CAI Yijun, Acting Vice Dean, Police Academy of Shanghai Institute of Political Science and Law; Mr. YU Xiaobo, Deputy Director, Penalty Enforcement Office of Prison Administration Bureau of Zhejiang Bureau of Justice; Mr. WU Linxiong, Zhejiang Vice President Province Lishui Municipal Middle People's Court; Ms. LAO Zhen, Deputy Director at Guangdong Bureau of Justice; Ms. LIANG Wenwen, Assistant Professor at International Law Institute of Wuhan University; Ms. GUAN Qingtian, Deputy Director, Division of Legal Assistance of Legal Assistance Exchange Center of MOJ; Ms. WANG Ning, Officer at Division of Legal Assistance of Legal Assistance Exchange Center of MOJ. 

MOJ 2019 7 MOJ 2019 8 MOJ 2019 9
SUN Yong, Walter Alexander, as the Chief
Investigator, Mr. Garret Lynch as
the Deputy Bureau Chief and Mr.
Kenn Kern, Assistant District Attorney,
New York County District Attorney’s Office 
Stephen Orlins leads discussion on behalf of
the National Committee on US China Relations 
MOJ and US Capitol after review of
US legislative process 

This program was supported by an extraordinary team of training partners from the U.S. government, law firms and private sector organizations, mostly at a governmental level. ILI most respectfully acknowledges the immeasurable expertise, contributions and program support from US Department of Justice; US Department of State; Dr. Kevin Fandl from Temple University; Mr. David Bowker, Ms. Sharon Levin of Wilmer Hale LLP; Mr. Samir Jain from Jones Day; Mr. Bruce Zagaris, Berliner Corcoran & Rowe, LLP; Mr. Mark Walker, as the Senior Fellow of Congressional Relations; Ms. Sylvia Royce, of Law Offices of Sylvia Royce, as the former Chief of International Prisoner Transfer Program at the U.S. Department of Justice; Mr. Kevin Feldis, Perkins Coie, LLP; Mr. Kenn Kern, the Assistant District Attorney, Mr. Walter Alexander, as the Chief Investigator, and Mr. Garret Lynch as the Deputy Bureau Chief from the New York County District Attorney’s Office; Mr. Stephen Orlins, Ms. Nicky Zhao, Ms. Meng RU, Mr. Margor Landman, Mr. Thomas Moore, Ms. Hini Fuo, ESQ, Ms. Margaret Lewis [Seton Hall], Mr. Robert Pietrzak from the National Committee on US China Relations; Mr. John Han, Mr. Jef Klazen, Mr. Shaun Wu, Mr. Jian Wu, Mr. Timothy De Swardt at Kobre & Kim LLP; Mr. Adam Hoffinger, Ms. Melissa Goldstein from Schulte Roth & Zabel, LLP; David Miller of Morgan Lewis LLP.


The International Law Institute welcomed our second delegation of esteemed lawyers from the All China Lawyers Association in as many years. Our 4-week capacity training program centered on International Investment and Cross Border Mergers and Acquisitions. Sessions consisted of lectures, site visits, and seminars presented by government officials, practicing lawyers and policy experts.

ACLA 2019 1 ACLA 2019 2 ACLA 2019 3
Spencer Griffth, Akin Gump Strauss Hauer & Feld,
LLP and Patrick Macrory, ILI Center Director
on Trade Law discuss subsidies in trade
ACLA at World Bank attending ILI co-sponsored
Conference on Privileges and Immunities for
International Organizations 
Kelly Stuart and Randy Bregman, Denton's
conferences on Marketing for International
Law Firms
ACLA 2019 4 ACLA 2019 5 ACLA 2019 6
 Christopher Redmond lectures on Cross Border
Insolvency and Asset Recovery
ACLA attending US International
Trade Commission Hearing 
Michael Bednarek,  Clark Hill, LLP lectures on
International Intellectual Property Law and
considerations for Chinese Lawyers

The delegation was comprised of a compendium of distinguished legal professionals from across China, each member accomplished and technically sophisticated in international law. The delegation was co-led by Ms. GUO Xinhang, Official of the All the China Lawyers Association, and Ms. YIN Xiangnan, Partner at Hunan Xiangchu Law Firm. The delegation was further comprised of Ms. ZHOU Jiaolu, Partner at Beijing Dacheng Law Offices, LLP (Shanghai); Mr. XU Jingsi, Partner at Jiangxi Yuzhang Law Firm; Ms. WANG Yonghan, Partner at Chongqing Solton& Partners; Mr. SHAN Runze, Partner at Jingshi Law Firm; Mr. JIN Li, Senior Partner at Grandall Law Firm (Nanjing); Mr. CHEN Jian, Partner at Deheng Law Offices (Zhuhai); Ms. LI Nan, Deputy Director at Hunan Tiandiren Law Firm-International Center; Mr. HUANG Zhiwei, Managing Partner at Jiangsu Yaodian Law Firm; Ms. WU Liyun, Beijing Zhong Lun Law Firm Guangzhou Office; Mr. NI Jianlin, Sr. Partner at SG & CO PRC Lawyers; Mr. LI Peng, Partner at WINCON Attorneys-at-Law, Jinan Office; Mr. WANG Xiaojun, Managing Partner at Nanjing Zhishi Law Firm of Intellectual Property; Mr. YANG Zhihong, Lawyer at Grandall Law Firm(Chengdu); Mr. QIAN Liang, Managing Partner at Jiangsu Chuqian Law Firm; Mr. ZHANG Hao, Partner at Henan Dingda Law Firm; Mr. WANG Le, Partner at Liaoning Hongyang Law Firm; Ms. XIE Shanshan, Attorney at Yingke Law Firm, Wuhan Office; Ms. LIU Ji, Senior Partner at Beijing Dentons Law Offices, LLP(Zhuhai); and Mr. WANG Guofeng, lawyer at Henan Luda Law Firm.

ACLA 2019 7 ACLA 2018 8B ACLA 2019 9
Arthur J. Rynearson former Deputy Legislative
Counsel of the United States Senate and
attorney for 26 years lectures on the
Legal System of the US
Erin Culbertson, Milbank LLP lectures on
Litigation and Arbitration in Cross
Border M&A
Stuart Kerr, Jones Day leads discussions on
the development of Ethics and Firm Culture 
ACLA 2019 10 ACLA 2019 11 ACLA 2019 12
Matt Kirkland, Norton Rose Fulbright US, LLP
details Management of Large International
Law Firms
Howard Fogt, Foley & Larder, LLP host ACLA
detailing Strategies and Practices in 
Cross Border M&A
ACLA at the US Library of Congress 

Lectures detailed the U.S. legal system; international trade including: trade in service; regional trade agreements; observations on US China trade relations; subsidies; anti-dumping;; anti-dumping; trade remedies and non-tariff barriers; intellectual property; agriculture; dispute settlement in WTO; custom issues; government procurement; development of us trade policy; and current US-China trade issues. Training also including forming a business in US; regulation of business: regulation of business on corporate practices; CFIUS and FCPA based on us security review procedures; commercial bankruptcy laws; SEC and securities regulations; private equity and venture capital; financing cross-border M&A; international commercial arbitration; investor-state dispute settlement; practices in cross-border M&A; cross-border investment trends and climate; investment risk analysis and mitigation; international risk assessment and foreign regulatory compliance; international contracts and key clauses; status of sovereign immunities on multilateral organizations; litigation and arbitration in cross-border M&A; cross-border insolvency; intellectual property: legal and regulatory compliance; MDB sanctions system and integrity compliance; and EPC contracts. Training in international law firm management included: general management of international law firm; branding, marketing and expansion of law firms; law firm employee cultivation and developing corporate culture; developing firm culture and ethics; roles and duties of the corporate counsel in corporate governance; law firm risk management.

This program was supported by over 44 contributing speakers and over 25 supporting organizations. ILI respectfully acknowledges the immeasurable expertise, contributions and program support from the faculty of the International Law Institute; Appleton Luff International Partners; Hogan Lovells US; Dai & Associates, LLP; Steptoe & Johnson LLP; Akin Gump Strauss Hauer & Feld, LLP; Georgetown Law School; United States International Trade Commission; ; Berliner, Corcoran & Rowe LLP; Howard University Law School; William W. Uchimoto Law, LLP; Curtis, Mallet-Prevost, Colt & Mosle, LLP; Vaninn Capital; Foley & Lardner LLP; Wiss & Partners LLP; US Department of Homeland Security; World Bank; Milbank LLP;Christopher Redmond Law Firm; Clark Hill, LLP; Norton Rose Fulbright, LLP; Construction Risk, LLC; Dentons, LLP; Jones Day, LLP; Association of Corporate Counsel.


Shanghai Huangpu 1 Shanghai Huangpu 2 Shanghai Huangpu 3
Court of Appeals for the District fo Columbia  Howard Fogt, Foley Larder, LLP lectures
on International Investment Procedure
Huangpu members attending hearings at
the US International Trade Commission 

ILI concluded our 2018 training with a 4-week program, for a 10-member delegation from the Shanghai Huangpu Lawyers Association focused on practical issues related to: International Trade; Cross-border Investment and Risk Mitigation; Alternative Dispute Resolution; Practicum and Trends in Cross-Border M&A. In addition to lectures, lawyers were hosted in international law firms in DC to train on the professional aspects of international lawyers and to gain insight from US/International law firms on firm management and structure.

Mr. Zhou Jingmin, managing partner at Grandway Law Offices, was the head of the delegation; members included Chen Yongxing, partner at Shanghai Branch, Zhonglun W&D Law Firm; Gao Xing, partner at Boss&Young attorneys-at-law; He Yongzhe, senior partner at Jin Mao P.R.C Lawyers Firm; Jiang Hai, partner at MWE China Law Offices; Jiang Bingbing, director of Criminal division of Shanghai Lixiaohua Law Firm; Li Xiang, partner at Shanghai Junhe Law Firm; Wang Jing, senior partner at Shanghai United Law Firm; Zhao Qin, partner at Shanghai Huaxia Huihong Law Firm; Yang Wei, partner at Shanghai Fortran Law Firm.

Shanghai Huangpu 5 Shanghai Huangpu 4 Shanghai Huangpu 7
Huangpu delegates meeting with the Sanctions 
and Compliance Board of the World Bank  
Meetings with Robert Bell at Hughes Hubbard 
and Reed, LLP on Cross Border M&A and 
Corporate Governance  
David Baron, Crowell & Moring, LLP details
US Investment Law and BIlateral 
Investment Treaties

The program is supported by the assembly of the distinguished experts from law firms, universities and private sector organizations. ILI respectfully acknowledges the immeasurable expertise, contributions and from International Law Institute; Georgetown University Law Center; Dai & Associates; Curtis, Mallet-Prevost, Colt & Mosle, LLP; Hogan Lovells US LLP; Appleton Luff; Berliner Corcoran & Rowe LLP; William W. Uchimoto Law; Mullin, Richter & Hampton LLP; Recording Industry Association of America; American University; Wiss Partners LLP; Crowell & Moring LLP; Hughes Hubbard & Reed LLP; Asset Forfeiture Law, LLC; Redmond Law Firm LLC; Foley & Lardner LLP.


Special appreciation to ILI Associates Ms. WANG Yuqi, Mr. CHEN Lixun, Ms. WANG Jue, Ms. LI Yimin, Mr. LIU Yuxuan and Ms. ZHANG Fangwen. Mr. HUANG Qifan, Ms. Alex Casale, and Ms. Jillian Skoniecka for their dedication and unparalleled contributions to these programs. Gratitude is also extended to Ms. ZHU Sha for her techincal support and guidance.

Program development and oversight by Mr. Robert Sargin, ILI Deputy Director. Judicial conferences arranged by Dr. James Apple, Director-ILI's International Judicial Academy. Program origination and China interface is Ms. WANG Kun, Beijing Future Land Information and Consulting Co. Ltd, ILI’s representative in Beijing.




The International Law Institute in collaboration with the Centre for Trade and Investment Law, Indian Institute of Foreign Trade, Ministry of Commerce and Industry announces a comprehensive and high level conference on Trade and Investment designed for diverse representatives from the Ministry of Commece of and Industry of India who are charged with advancing sustainable opportuntites for India in a time of extraordinary shifts in trade and investment policies and procedures globally.

International trading regimes [such as the WTO and RTAs], global economic leadership, risks and opportunities of investment flows, and regional competition have all become more unpredictable.

This programme is developed to inform and promote discussion of the current trade and investment order and the rationale which shapes these changes.

We hope that this programme compels participants to self review domestic policies and compliance controls; conceptualize future economic opportunities; and work to strengthen its national agreements and practices, to better benefit within the evolving trade and investment environment.

Led by Prof. James Nedumpara - CTIL Head, and Mr. Patrick Macrory, Center Director - ILI's International Trade Law Center, this program will be further supported by an esteemed panel of global trade and investment experts from both India and the US.

Special inputs and comments will also be provided by India's Secretary of Commerce the Honorable Secretary Mr. Anup Wadhawan.

Centre for Trade and Investment Law (CTIL) was established in the year 2016 by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Government of India, at the Indian Institute of Foreign Trade (IIFT). The Centre’s primary objective is to provide sound and rigorous analysis of legal issues pertaining to international trade and investment law to the Government of India and other governmental agencies. The Centre is aiming to create a dedicated pool of legal experts that who could provide technical inputs for enhancing India’s participation in international trade and investment negotiations and dispute settlement. The Centre also aims to be a thought leader in the various domains of international economic law such as WTO law, international investment law and legal issues relating to economic integration.

It is CTIL’s mission to identify, analyse and provide creativdeas and perspectives to influence the international discourse on wide ranging aspects of international economic law. The Centre is also conceived as a ready repository of trade and investment related information including updates on ongoing trade negotiations and disputes.

India Program cover 
India Program page 3 



CTIL 1 2019
CTIL 2 2019


The Additional Secretary, Department of Commerce, Government of India, Mr. Sudhanshu Pandey reiterated India’s willingness to engage in resolving the issues related to the current impasse in the appointment/reappointment of judges in the WTO Appellate Body and urged the WTO Membership to come together to resolve the current crisis at the WTO. Mr. Pandey was alluding to India’s proposal on WTO reforms submitted in conjunction with the European Union and Canada. Mr. Pandey was addressing the audience at an intensive training and capacity-building programme organized by Centre for Trade and Investment Law for Indian government officials on international trade and investment law.

The panellists included three former Deputy Directors General to the WTO; Mr. David Shark, Prof. Anwarul Hoda and Dr. Harsha Vardhan Singh, in addition to India’s former Commerce Secretary, Mr. Rajiv Kher and Additional Secretary, Mr. Sudhanshu Pandey. The discussion focused on the issues of Appellate Body crisis on appointment/reappointment of Members, improving the negotiating function of the WTO and the justification for use of national security exception. Dr. James J. Nedumpara, Head and Professor, Centre for Trade and Investment Law introduced the concerns surrounding the WTO and referred to the system as “fragile”. He also reiterated that the present controversies have a potential risk of causing irreparable damage to the rules-based multilateral trading system.

Mr. David Shark, a Deputy Director General to the WTO until October 2017, noted that the concerns raised by the United States on the functioning of the WTO Appellate Body are not new and have been expressed by the previous administrations also. He also observed that the WTO adjudication on national security exception has some potential pitfalls. Emphasizing on the fundamental principle that “justice delayed is justice denied”, Prof. Anwarul Hoda, a former Deputy Director General to the WTO, referred to the Appellate Body as “the lynchpin of the international trading system” and urged the Members to proactively engage for resolving the stalemate. He also advocated the “plurilateral approach as a way forward”. Mr. Rajiv Kher, former Commerce Secretary and Chair of the discussion, emphasized that the claims against developing countries, of “unfairness and non-transparency have to be weighed against the WTO ideals of equity and fair play”, which the developed countries have failed to fulfill themselves. Mr. Patrick Macrory, Director, International Trade Law Center at the International Law Institute, emphasized that the burden of proof must lie with the Member who raises the grievance to come up with a positive agenda for resolving the crisis.

Dr. Harsha V. Singh, former Deputy Director General to the WTO, called the present challenges “a mammoth to deal with” and urged the Member States “to carefully choose between substance and procedure, before engaging with each other”. Prof. Abhijit Das, Head, Centre for WTO Studies underlined the significance of a “sequential approach” and reiterated the need for reviving the Doha Round. Ms. Shiny Pradeep, Assistant Professor, Centre for Trade and Investment Law thanked the participants and the Panellists for an extremely engaging discussion.