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Kenyan Senate Leadership and Hon. Rep. Tom Davis    Kenyan Senate Speaker - Rt. Hon. Kenneth Lusaka and Kim Phan, ILI Director   

The International Law Institute was honored to host two delegations from the Senate of Kenya at the ILI earlier this month. These training continue a relationship between the ILI and the Government of Kenya that goes back to the 1980s and has seen over 600 Kenyans trained at the ILI. The two programs were held in-person at the ILI from May 31st to June 9th, 2021 and represented the ILI’s first in-person training since March 2020.

The Leadership of the Senate of Kenya, including the Speaker of the Senate, the Majority and Minority Leaders, came to the ILI for an Executive Leadership program. This high-level program explored leadership within the context of the Parliament. Highlights included sessions entitled “Managing the Many Personalities of a Legislature for Performance,” “Legislative Oversight of the Executive,” and “Working with the Senate Leadership; Asserting the Power of the Senate.”

Members of the Senate Standing Committee on Justice, Legal, Affairs and Human Rights were joined by the Chairpersons of the Education Committee, the Labour and Social Welfare Committee, and the National Cohesion, Equal Opportunity, and Regional Integration Committee. Highlights of the program included sessions on Legislative Oversight of the Judiciary, the Fight against Corruption, Elections and Election Disputes, Legislative Administrative Operations, and Legislative Oversight of the Executive.

The Senators engaged the speakers with questions about the American systems and process, bringing in their experience with the Kenyan government. The ILI looks forward to a continue relationship and future collaboration with the Government of Kenya.

The ILI would like to extend a special thank you to Mike Russell, Rick Messick, Reb Brownell, Perry Bechky, Carlton Davis, Tom Rust, Thomas Hicks, Hon. Tom Davis, and Phil Kiko for their contributions in making the programs a success.

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Kenyan Senate Standing Committee on Justice Legal Affairs and Human Rights 


Note: ILI follows all safety protocols established through via the government of Washington, DC and the CDC.