The Inter-University Center for Terrorism Studies, the Potomac Institute for Policy Studies, the International Center for Terrorism Studies and the International Law Institute present a forum and accompanying report on "Combating the Religionization of Terrorism: Governmental, Inter-Governmental, and Non-Governmental Perspectives".

This forum focuses specifically on “Combating the Religionization of Terrorism” in view of the current Russian-Ukraine war as well as the escalating theological-inspired state and non-state terror activities globally. This timely Forum sought to determine whether inter-faith efforts can dampen the passions of conflict and violence, thereby advancing the cause of peace with justice. An inter-disciplinary panel of practitioners and scholars focused on past lessons and future prospects on governmental, inter-governmental, and non-governmental levels.

Contributions and insights were provided by an invited interdisciplinary panel of academics and practitioners who participated at a special virtual Forum held on May 25, 2022 administered remotely by the International Law Institute. The program of this event began with opening remarks by Professor Don Wallace, Jr. (Chairman, International Law Institute). The virtual Forum was moderated by Professor Yonah Alexander (Director of the International Center for Terrorism Studies and Senior Fellow at the Potomac Institute for Policy Studies). Presentations and discussion were offered by Ambassador (Ret.) Stuart Eizenstat (Chairman of United States Holocaust Memorial Council); Dr. Andrew Sorokowski (Attorney and Historian; Former Managing Editor of the scholarly journal "Harvard Ukrainian Studies"); Professor Mohammad Faghfoory (Director, Graduate Program in Islamic Studies, The George Washington University); and Ambassador Javid Ahmad (Nonresident senior fellow with the Atlantic Council’s South Asia Center; Formerly Afghanistan’s Ambassador to the United Arab.)

This forum was conducted on May 25, 2022 via Zoom conferencing.


To access and download the Full Report from this program please click on the the link below:

IUCTS Religionization of Terrorism 2022 cover