International Law Institute is very pleased to announce that it has been invited and has accepted to be a founding member of the new Belt and Road International Lawyers Association [BRILA] established this year by the All China Lawyers Association [ACLA].

Founded in 1986, the All China Lawyers Association [ACLA] is the bar association of the People’s Republic of China. The aim of the ACLA is to unite and educate its members to protect the dignity of the Constitution and law; to be faithful to the legal profession and abide by professional ethics and rules of conduct; to defend lawful rights and interests of its members; to enhance professional competence of lawyers; to strengthen professional self regulation in order to promote sound development of the legal profession and endeavor to build up socialist state with rule of law and to develop social civilization and progress. It has 31 provincial branches and over 330,000 individual members.

In 2013, China launched policies to increase trade and international development throughout 50 countries, known as the Belt and Road Initiative. Projects carried out under this framework will expand international cooperation and development with over one hundred participating and vested countries and international associations.

To enhance international legal cooperation and exchange, ACLA has established BRILA, a non-governmental, non-profit professional international association comprised of lawyers, law firms, bar associations and international partners. It will serve as a platform to promote exchange and cooperation between participating members; enhance communication between parties; and improve commercial and trade relations.

ILI conducts programs with government entities worldwide.  Since 1978, ILI has worked closely with China on matters involving economics, law, infrastructure, trade, investment, intellectual property, and training of government officials, legal practitioners, and private sector officers.  In 2017 ILI and ACLA partnered to train a senior level delegation of foreign-oriented Chinese lawyers, who will likely be involved directly with Belt and Road matters.

ILI is pleased to have been invited to join as a founding member of such a prestigious and forward looking bar association as BRILA.  As with each of ILI’s country relations, we are humbled to participate and provide technical input to support international economic development and prosperity through the rule of law.