Don Wallace
  Professor Don Wallace, Jr.  
  Chairman, International Law Institute  
  Professor of Law, Georgetown University  
Spencer Griffith   Spencer Griffith  
  Co-Vice Chairman, International Law Institute  
  Partner, Akin Gump Strauss Hauer & Feld, LLP  
Charles Verrill   Charles Verrill   
  Co-Vice Chairman, International Law Institute   
  Partner, Wiley Rein LLP   
  Adjunct Professor of Law, Georgetown Univ.   
  Sr. Lecturing Fellow, Duke Unv. School of Law   
Stuart Kerr   Stuart Kerr  
  Board President, International Law Institute  
  Former Counsel, Jones Day  
  Former Legal & Regulatory Director, MCC  
Mark Walter   Mark Walter
  Executive Director  
Robert Sargin   Robert Sargin  
  Deputy Director  
Gerhard Botha   Dr. Gerhard Botha  
  Director of Programs  
Marek Dubovec   Marek Dubovec
  Director of Law Reform Programs  
Marek Dubovec   Cristina Castañeda
  Director of Business Development; Acting Client Services Director
Carmelu Cortez   Carmelu Cortez
  Director of Finance and Information
 Thomas Johnson   Thomas Johnson

  Research Attorney

Patrick Macrory   Patrick Macrory  
  Director - International Trade Law Center  
Anne Marie Whitesell   Anne Marie Whitesell  
  Director - Alternative Dispute Resolution Center  
Jason Matechak   Jason Matechak  
  Director - Center for Public Procurement Law and Policy  
John Niehuss   John Niehuss  
  Director - Private Investment In Infrastructure Center  
H. Stephen Halloway   H. Stephen Halloway  
  Director - Center for Comparative Legislative Management  
Borzu Sabahi   Dr. Borzu Sabahi  
  Co-Director - International Investment Law Center  
Ian Laird   Ian Laird  
  Co-Director - International Investment Law Center  
Carlos Davila   Carlos Davila  
  Director of Global Partnerships  
Jeffrey Ziarnik   Jeffrey Ziarnik  
  Director of ILI Operations and Marketing
Don de Amicis   Don De Amicis
  Senior Advisor
Cecilia Wang    Kun [Cecilia] Wang  
  ILI Representative in China  
  c/o Beijing Future-Land Information Consulting, Ltd.  

Larry Wu
  Rongping [Larry] Wu  
  Consultant to ILI and Legal Counsel on China