We are very proud of the notable participants who have trained at ILI.

Below is a very small, recent sample of our qualified alumni.

Legal Officer ·..... Austria
Deputy Director: Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade · New Zealand
Chairman of Procurement Committee: Assembly of Nigeria ···· Nigeria
Permanent Secretary: Judiciary   Uganda
Policy Officer   New Zealand
Member of House of Representatives: National Assembly   Nigeria
Legal Adviser   France
Legal Representative of the Dominican Republic   Dominican Republic
Clerk of the House: Lagos State House Assembly   Nigeria
High Court Justice: Commercial Division   Malawi
Deputy Managing Director Privatization   Kuwait
Senators of the National Assembly   Nigeria
Head of Law Department   Georgia
Financial Manager: Water and Sewage Enterprise   Columbia
Senior Procurement Specialist   Uganda
State Attorney   Tanzania
Procurement Specialist   Georgia
Principal Legal Officer: Public Procurement Appeals Authority   Tanzania
Organization Development Specialist   Indonesia
Transaction Manager: Privatization Commission   Kenya
Deputy Director General   Jamaica
Director for Privatization   Lithuania
Justice: High Court Division   Malawi
Senior Lawyer: Eurasian Development Bank   Kazakhstan
Senior Economist: Ministry of Finance and Economic   Ghana
Legal Experts and·Senior Lawyers - [Multiple Delegations]   China
Head of the Legal Department: Academy of Medical Sciences   Russia·
Ministry of Economy: Trade and Energy   Albania
Director: Department of National Planning   Sri Lanka
Chief Geothermal Projects Engineer   Kenya
Deputy House Leader House of Representatives   Nigeria
Procurement Officer   Mongolia
Head of Public Debt Management Unit   Sierra Leone
World Affairs Council   Washington D.C.
Legal Consultant    The Netherlands
Honorable Judge: Court of Justice   Nigeria
Director General: Dept. of Energy Promotion and Development Vientiane Capital   Laos
Solicitor Secretary: Minerals Commission   Ghana
Procurement Specialist   Moldova
Special Assistant: Office of the Ambassador Saudi Arabia   Saudi Arabia
Legislative Council Secretariat   China
Chief Accountant: Projects i   Kenya
Deputy Director: Federal Ministry of Finance   Nigeria
Advisor: Capital Markets Authority   Saudi Arabia
Specialist: Monitoring and Evaluation of National Anti-corruption   Honduras
Director: Budget Office of the Federation   Nigeria
Legal Counselor   Haiti
State Counsel   Trinidad and Tobago
City Solicitor   Ghana
Deputy Commissioner: Federal Ethics & Anti-Corruption Commission   Ethiopia
Assistant Legal Advisor   Hong Kong
Legal Officer: The OPEC Fund for International Development   Austria
Prime Ministry   Jordan
Presiding Judge   Philippines
Deputy Attorney General   Botswana
Department of International Economic Affairs   Saudi Arabia
Economic Officer: Embassy of Chile   Chile·
Deputy Legal Adviser: Reserve Bank of India   India
Legal Counsel: State Chancellery   Latvia
Parliament of Uganda   Uganda
Chief Registrar   Nigeria
Federal Judge: Federal Supreme Court   Mexico
Legal Counsel   Bulgaria
Financial Management Specialist   Malawi
Deputy Director: Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia   Saudi Arabia
Partner: Law Firm·   China
Deputy Commissioner: Federal Ethics & Anti-Corruption Commission   Ethiopia
Senior Program Officer: Mekong Regional Health Support Project   Vietnam
General Counsel: Caribbean Development Bank   Barbados
Procurement Specialist: World Bank   Washington D.C.
Legal Adviser/Procurement Specialist   Russia
National Project Manager   Gambia
Office of the Council of State   Thailand
Analyst: Presidency of the Dominican Republic   Dominican Republic
Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade   New Zealand
Chief of Staff: Office of the Deputy Senate President   Nigeria
Legal Consultant: Prime Ministry   Jordan
Deputy Director of Contracts: Ministry of Finance   Trinidad-Tobego
Lawyer   Italy
Deputy Director: Bangladesh Bank   Bangladesh
Senior State Counsel   Nigeria
Executive Director:Transparency International Georgia   Georgia
Legal Counsel   Japan
Chief Legal Officer: Office of Anti-corruption Commission   Bhutan
Solicitor Secretary: Cocoa Processing Company Limited Tema   Ghana
Manager Privatization: Kuwait Petroleum Corporation   Kuwait
Investor Complaints Manager   Saudi Arabia
Inspector of the Treasury: Ministry of Finance and Budget   Madagascar
Procurement Specialist   Cape Verde
Attorney   Ecuador
Manager: Privatization Directorate   Kuwait
Supreme Court Advisor   Benin
Civil and Criminal Affairs' Director: Ministry of Justice   Benin
Legal Specialist Manager   Brazil
Embassy of Ukraine to the United States of America   Ukraine
Labor Relations Representative   Saudi Arabia
Embassy of Austria   Austria
Delegation of Senior Legal and Trade Experts; Ministry of Justice   Vietnam
Financial Supervisory Service   Korea