The International Judicial Academy (IJA), initially founded in 1999, is now a newly added center of expertise at the International Law Institute. The IJA specializes in providing high-level training in all areas relating to a modern judiciary. Through its work, the IJA emphasizes the importance of a fair, efficient, accessible, and transparent judicial system. Recognizing that a fair and effective judiciary is only possible with skilled and knowledgeable individuals, the IJA has, to date, conducted over 160 programs for over 5,000 judges, court administrators, lawyers, and other officials to further develop the capacity to ensure the effective administration of justice throughout the whole of a country’s legal system.

In 2022, the International Judicial Academy is offering a number of training seminars including: Judicial, Court, and Case Management for Judges; and Court and Case Administration for Court Administrators.

The International Judicial Academy also publishes a quarterly online judicial magazine: The International Judicial Monitor. The Judicial Monitor, available at, explores various developments and themes in international law, international and national court systems, and other topics of particular interest to judges, lawyers, and all those with an interest in the law.

In addition to the above, the International Judicial Academy conducts a number of custom seminars each year examining a wide array of issues relating to judges, the courts, and the effective administration of a modern, fair, and impartial judicial system.

For additional information regarding custom training through the International Judicial Academy please contact the center at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 




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