DATE:           FEBRUARY 12 - 16, 2018



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IFC Legal Department has teamed up with the International Law Institute (ILI) to create the “Certificate Program for Legal Skills in Private Sector Financing.” The program seeks to strengthen legal skills of in-house counsel within private and public sector organizations so that they are better equipped to expand private sector financing in emerging markets.

“Insufficient institutional and regulatory capacity in emerging markets is a key challenge to IFC's goal of scaling up private sector solutions to address development challenges. The program aims to develop a cadre of lawyers and policy makers who understand the role and importance of private sector financing in promoting development. Its curriculum focuses on international best practices in private sector financing, particularly in private infrastructure projects and concession-related contractual structures.

“Legal professionals and policymakers across emerging markets are our great allies in creating the right conditions to channel private sector funding and ingenuity to essential development needs,” said Ethiopis Tafara, IFC VP for Legal, Compliance Risk and Sustainability, and General Counsel, at the signing ceremony with ILI.

The program is designed for mid-career and senior-level professionals working in public or private sector organizations who are directly involved in designing and negotiating policies to increase private sector investment and drafting and negotiating government contracts and authorizations required to implement private sector investments and development solutions.

The Program will be a one-week intensive residential course designed to equip participants with skills to understand legal, regulatory and commercial issues relating to private sector financing, so that they will be in a better position to lead private sector finance development initiatives in their respective countries. The Program will be offered to selective groups, on demand, in different locations globally about twice a year, starting with Colombo, Sri Lanka. IFC Legal and ILI will also seek to partner with local organizations to help them establish local training programs to deliver greater impact over the long.

ILI is an independent non-profit organization based in Washington D.C. It is a leading provider of training and technical assistance to public and private organizations in areas including financial and legal aspects of private participation in infrastructure. ILI draws on a very large network of technical consultants, alumni, faculty and advisors to tailor training solutions that balance scholarly training and practical case studies with global best practices.”


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International Finance Corporation and International Law Institute’s new multi-disciplinary certificate for senior officials and executives involved in mobilizing private-sector finance for infrastructure and development

This 5-day residential course is designed for experienced professionals to learn about best practices and acquire skills to understand legal, regulatory, and commercial issues relating to private sector financing, so that they will be in a better position to lead private sector financed development of public works. There will be a focus on how to approach legal, regulatory and related commercial structuring questions affecting energy, water and sanitation projects to successfully attract private sector investment.

You will learn from regional and international experts, in the company of a hand-picked group of key players from government and the financial sector.

The program uses a variety of session formats, including roundtable discussions and interactive panels, to learn from and build upon the experiences of participants. Case studies will be a key tool to allow participants to put their newly acquired knowledge and skills into practice before leaving the Program.


- Overview of public-private partnerships (PPPs) and analysis of a typical project lifecycle
- Advanced introduction to legal issues in project finance
- Taking security
- Government support arrangements
- Risk allocation
- Advanced contracting aspects of PPPs
- Legal aspects of public private partnerships for private sector financing
- Government support arrangements for PPPs
- Complex contractual aspects of PPPs


Invited participants will include senior professionals including in-house counsel and regulatory staff from state and municipal authorities, relevant regulatory agencies and state-owned banks.


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