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Legal Writing I:

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Legal Summary & Argumentation I

  • Legal Summary & Argumentation I  EFL 206 U001 4943
  • Legal Summary & Argumentation I  EFL 206 U001 4944





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Introduction to Legal English: An Introduction to Legal Terminology, Reasoning and Writing, 3rd Ed. 


Mark E. Wojcik

International Law Institute






This acclaimed book, now in its third edition, breaks new ground in teaching legal English to law students and lawyers whose first language is not English.  Employing a hands-on, structured approach, the author leads the reader through carefully crafted exercises that develop the ability to understand and use Anglo-American legal terminology in both written and oral formats.

"What is so outstanding about Professor Wojcik's work -  for the term 'book' fails to do it justice -  is that it incorporates notions of U.S. law, reasoning, and writing by explaining these concepts in the context of U.S. language and culture."

Professor Toni M. Fine Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law

"Professor Wojcik'sbook is a gem! It is a visual, hands-on comprehensive overview of the American legal system and the English language used in that system."

Professor Kathryn L. MercerCase Western University School of Law


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