DATES: OCT 19 - 23, 2020    
TUITION: $2245    








This seminar/course focuses on Health Sector - Medical Procurement and Supply Chain Management and monitoring, including team building and leadership. It sets the Context to distinguish Health/Medical Procurement from procurement in other sectors.

The objective of this seminar/course is to address & develop strategic and organizational aspects, knowledge and skills in public procurement in Health/Medical Sector; What is Procurement strategy and how to define it; How to design and formulate comprehensive procurement strategy for Health/Medical sector at country/ministry/project level; Why and how procurement system/function should be designed; How to design and implement procurement strategy for goods/works/consultant contracts.

Managing the Health Project Life Cycle and Hierarchy of Objectives in order to build successful relationships with suppliers; Contract Terms, Legal Aspects, and Performance Criteria; Investigating and Preventing Fraud and Corruption; Dispute Resolution; Contract Restructuring; Health Procurement from a Contract Management Perspective making use of modern value for money selection tools; Change Order Management/Implementing Change in Health Contracts;; Practical Issues and latest emergency lessons learned: How to avoid the risk of overdependence on a small pool of suppliers; the Mechanics of Payment and Delivery Contract Management and Implementation; Negotiations: Process, Skills, and Techniques; Performance-Based Acquisition.


Who Should Attend

It is especially designed for managers of developing country projects and for persons responsible for implementing such projects in Health/Medical Sector. Interest has been expressed by potential participants from government, health sector institutions and entities, private health sector organizations and firms, international organizations and NGOs. The seminar will examine crucial issues and steps in Health/Medical procurement management. Participants are encouraged to bring an example of a project that they can relate to the seminar for discussion.

What you will Learn:

1. What is different in Medical Procurement from other sectors
2. How to build successful relationships with your suppliers
3. How use modern value for money selection tools
4. How to avoid the risk of overdependence on a small pool of suppliers.


Course Outline 

Day 1

  • Orientation and Logistics
  • Participant Expectations and Overview
  • Procurement Strategy for Medical Supplies and Pharmaceuticals

Day 2

  •  Introduction to Medical Procurement
  •  Practical Issues in Medical Supply Contracts – Mechanics of Payment and Delivery
  •  Introduction to Medical Supply Chain Management

 Day 3

  •  Contract Management for Medical Supply Contracts
  •  Lessons from COVID-19 Emergency Response Procurement
  •  Managing Risks for Medical Procurement and Contracts

Day 4

  •  Procurement Planning and Quantification Forecasting
  •  Supplier Relationship Management (SRM)
  •  Using Purchase Orders to Improve Supplier Performance

Day 5

  •  Managing Change and Improvement
  •  Resilient Medical Procurement for Emergencies
  •  Wrap-Up: Actions and Lessons to bring to your Work


Course Advisors:

Mr. Allan Rotman - Leadership, Governance and Procurement Advisor GHSC-PSM. Allan is a procurement and health supply chain professional with 30 years of experience including cross cutting experience in infrastructure, energy, water, urban and environment fields. He has worked for multilateral institutions in senior positions at the World Bank (20 years), Africa Development Bank (2 years), Millennium Challenge Corporation (3 years), and directly for government ministries in Kenya (2 years). Previously he worked in the private sector (15 years) with a Canadian engineering consulting firm. Allan has worked in over 55 countries internationally.

Specific Health Sector Expertise: In the health sector, Allan has worked in Ethiopia and Ghana to introduce framework contracts for pharmaceuticals; assisted Burma and Guyana with procurement assessments; and trained Ministry of Health staff in Guyana. Allan has just completed a contract management training course for the Botswana Medical Stores (CMS) for pharmaceuticals and outsourced warehouse operations, and also lectures regularly on at the International Law Institute (ILI) affiliated with Georgetown University, Washington, DC. Allan has governance experience with the Ghana Anti-Corruption Coalition (GACC) on open contracting and procurement monitoring activities (2009-2012). Allan assisted the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) to develop a new standard bidding for based on a Value-for-Money scoring methodology entitled Quality and Priced Based Selection (QPBS) (2014-16).

Other Sectors of Experience: Allan has great experience in a variety of sectors and countries, with experience in middle-income and low-income countries, as well as fragile and conflict situations (FCS) countries. As a Lead Procurement Specialist, Allan was responsible for coordination across 8-12 countries in French and English speaking western Africa, where he managed a program investment portfolio of over $6 billion for 120 active projects (2009-14), involving 15 staff. Furthermore, he has delivered training for government officials, staff and civil society.

In addition to procurement, Allan has deep experience in water, energy, urban development, environmental management and climate resilience, and is proficient in the technical requirements and specifications for these sectors,

Education & Language Skills: Allan holds a Bachelor of Science (Honours) and a Master-level degree in urban, regional and environmental planning. Allan is fluent in English and French.


Veljko Sikirica has over forty-five years’ experience in Procurement, Engineering, Project Design, Management, Implementation, Sustainable Development and Capacity Building. He has extensive experience as staff of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (10 years), the Inter-American Development Bank (25 years), and in the last two years, as consultant on UN Development Program Projects.

He has vast experience in planning, organisation and implementation of Procurement under Emergency Situations, such as Major Natural Disaster Management (hurricanes, earthquakes and floods), as well as, human made disasters, such as procurement for nuclear safety recovery projects including Chernobyl. Sectors covered include: energy, infrastructure, water & sanitation, health and environment.

He has been, in the last eight years, part of the permanent faculty Teaching Staff and continues to teach at the International Master in Public Procurement Management (IMPPM), University of Rome. He is also a permanent faculty, member of the teaching staff and Executive Committee at the Belgrade University Master Programme in Procurement. At International Law Institute in Georgetown, USA he is the leader of the Project Management seminar.

Mr. Sikirica holds a Graduate degree in Electrical and Mechanical Engineering from “Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico” and a Master degree in Finance from University of Maryland, USA. He is fluent in English, Spanish and Serbian.