DATES: JUL 31 - AUG 11, 2023    
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TUITION: $4200    








This seminar focuses on building a toolkit of adaptable legal strategies to meet the demands of a volatile world and business environment. Fluency in legal adaptability in respect to both the business environment and substantial legal topics, including Intellectual Property Law, Competition Law and Labor Law among others, will play a critical role in legal practice going forward. This seminar is of interest to lawyers across public and private practice, including lawyers working in emerging economies. Expertise in legal strategy adaptability will be a critical skillset in a new era of legal practice, and this course will equip professionals with a substantial toolkit to do so.

Historically, responses by the legal community have lagged behind the rate of societal shifts. Established lifestyles, business and legal strategies can be rendered obsolete quickly. The problem is compounded by the nature of legal changes to affect different fields of law at varying levels, spanning from individual changes to systemic endangerment. The rapid acceleration of change is only hastening--particularly in technological realms—with the threat of these ripple effects becoming increasingly visible throughout society. One example is the recent COVID-19 pandemic. Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, legal professionals around the world already faced rapid acceleration of changes to their fields. Changes have been accelerated in a variety of areas, including legislative change, judicial rulings, business climate, political change, and technological change. Prompt adaptability in legal strategy and practice also positions lawyers in a proactive rather than reactive stance, enabling them to keep ahead of disruptions.

Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, the potential disruptions tied to quick changes have come to fruition at unprecedented speeds, demanding creative response by legal professionals. In this context, many have recognized in their everyday working experiences the importance of nimble adaptability to external and internal changes— particularly regarding legal strategy. Adaptability in legal strategy empowers lawyers across multiple fields to face a variety of challenges with creative problem-solving solutions As the pandemic crisis continues into the new year, it is important as ever to hone the ability to legal strategy adaptability to meet these diverse, multidimensional changes.


The seminars are currently offered both in-person and online simultaneously, at the choice of the participant. This choice must be indicated at the time of registration. A small number of courses are scheduled to be delivered exclusively in person or online, and are indicated as such in the 2023 schedule. In-Person Only seminars usually start at 9:30 am Washington D.C. time. Daily sessions usually end at 4:00 pm. Breaks (including the lunch break) are allocated as appropriate. Online Only seminars will be delivered through five (for 1-week course) or ten (for 2-weeks course) live online sessions via videoconferencing platform. Each session will last approximately 3.5 hours and will be scheduled to start within a time window of 7:00 am – 8:30 am Washington D.C. time. Hybrid In-Person/Online seminars will start at a time most convenient to both in-person and online participants, and will generally follow the In-Person seminar format. We expect the classes to be highly interactive and can include presentations, case studies and exercises. 


Course Outline

  • Approaches and strategies to deal with change impacting the legal sector in general
  • Changes in strategy in respect to specific substantive topics, including:
- Changes in strategy for protecting intellectual property
- Changes is strategy for compliance with competition laws
- Strategic use of trade remedies in a changing environment
- Changes in employment Labor Law strategy
- Emerging strategies in privacy protection
- Compliance with best practices in cybersecurity


Course Advisor

Michael Bednarek is a recognized expert in Global IP strategy, Michael has represented some of the world’s largest technology and financial services companies in patent and intellectual property litigation in the United States. Listed in Chambers Global as a Leader in Their Field, Michael has more than 30 years of experience in intellectual property law, where he focuses his practice on global IP strategic counseling, patent, trade secret, trademark and copyright litigation, USPTO proceedings, IP rights procurement, portfolio management and licensing. In addition, he has experience in outsourcing, antitrust, data protection, advertising and emerging companies, and had extensive global experience with stints in Asia and Europe.

Michael regularly advises clients across a broad spectrum of industries, including toys and games, information technology, medical devices, software, consumer electronics, computer, automotive and financial services, on their global patent strategies. He was an early proponent of patent protection in non-traditional fields as varied as retail, transportation and hospitality, and he continues to be a thought leader on the design and implementation of worldwide intellectual property strategies.